NASA released a photo of the new UAV VTOL

UAV GL-10 Greased Lightning
Passing the test drone GL-10 Greased Lightning has 10 electric motors and will be able to perform vertical takeoff and landing. About this site reports NASA. In honor of the national holiday of aviation in the United States NASA released the photo to test one of its aircraft, rather than space projects - electric drone GL-10 Greased Lightning. The device has ten electrical motors which drive the same number of screws providing flight.
Judging from the photos, the design allows you to tilt the main and rear wings drone at 90 degrees, that is used for vertical take-off; once in the air, the device was conceived back wings in the normal position and begins already to horizontal flight.
Testing of vertical takeoff and landing, according to NASA, was successful, however, the device is supported by insurance, so as not to fall in an unsuccessful outcome. Full test GL-10 Greased Lightning without tether scheduled for the autumn.
This project is one of four concepts NASA to build hybrid-electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.

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