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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mesmerising stuff, showing how and what is happening in this world ... (19 gif pics)

animation, cognitive
I offer you a collection of mesmerizing gifok that show how to obtain these or other things, from the sight of the production of which is simply impossible to put down.
Light bulb against a mousetrap
animation, cognitive
Wrap crayons
The separation of the dough for pretzels
How do camouflage
Production of glass bottles
Create chain
The work of the sewing machine in slow motion
Freezing bubble
animation, cognitive
Heavy rain on the ocean
Device trumpet
The explosion of a bubble on a cactus
Raising test
Infinite tornado
Latte Art
How is a large bird costume
Flights around the world in one day
Creation of wire mesh
Ignition of a match
Destruction of baseball, by pressure

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