Unrevealing Illuminati- Holographic Disclosure 12, The Black Sun

These documentaries are  presented in all 3 levels of consciousness or illusion. This is why sometimes; it seems we are contradicting ourselves to the unaware. We have also purposely produced all our documentaries in layers, to appeal to different levels of awareness that view them. 

In other words, the more you expand your consciousness, the more understanding you will pick up within the layers, so things that don’t make sense now, will make sense later on, as you open up the chakras, and review the content again at a later stage. 

That is why some people think we are mixing truth with lies, their awareness levels goes to a particular height , then stops, due to their belief patterns interfering with their DNA energy codes, better known as the subconscious mind….

There are also many references to symbolism and mythology…


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