Top microscopic images, where you can see the mouth of pemphigus and mouse neurons (15 photos)

Microscopes far exceed the human eye on the resolution. With their help, we can look into the world of insects and learn what it looks like bee sting tadpole brain, wings, moths, and other parts of the body creeping things.
On the Nikon Small World Competition the best micrographs were sent from around the world. Winners will be announced October 14. Here are a few shots of finalists.
1. The tentacles of the carnivorous plants

2. Young starfish

3. Head rove beetle

4. Mouth humped bladderwort, carnivorous freshwater plants

5. Adult sea worm

6. Neurons of mouse in a nutrient medium

7. Old film Fujifilm

8. Blu-ray Disc in the approximation

9. Radula (apparatus for scraping food) aquatic snails

10. Bellow flowering Arabidopsis thaliana

11. The blood vessels and nerve cells in the retina of mice

12. The tip of the root of a bipartite plant

13. Petrified red coral

14. splits fluid LCD screen

15. The hairs on the body of the beetle borers

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