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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Facebook records the movement of your lips and much more information

Facebook records the movement of your lips and much more information

In response to a request from the US Congress after the April scandal with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook disclosed all of its ways of gathering information about users of the social network. For this it was required to compile a document of 222 pages. He describes different ways of collecting data, from those we knew about, to those we did not even know about.
Of course, you could suspect that Facebook is monitoring how much time you spend on social networking pages. She follows the purchases you make. Below are really amazing things from the company's document.
  1. Facebook records the movement of your lips. This helps the company make sure that you are not a robot.
  2. Another way that helps Facebook make sure that you are a person is to recognise whether the browser window is on top of other windows or behind them.
  3. Facebook collects information about your devices. But this is not only information about the device model and the version of the operating system. Companies are interested in knowing the level of charge of your battery, the signal strength of the cellular network and the amount of available memory.
  4. Of course, information is collected not only about the operating system, but also about the browser, installed plug-ins and even file names.
  5. Another company knows the information about your cellular operator, Internet provider, IP-addresses, cookie, time zone and connection speed.
  6. In some cases, the company collects information not only about your device, but also about those devices that are in the same network or nearby.
  7. Facebook known devices that are available to your device, Wi-Fi access points and mobile towers that are within the radius of reception are known.
  8. In addition to information from GPS, cameras and photo galleries, on Android Facebook can receive a list of calls and SMS history.
  9. Finally, Facebook knows about the applications you use and the accounts.

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