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Friday, September 13, 2013

President Obama is Well Aware, that there's an ET Presence

We still have an illusion that our government is treating us well, They are not putting us on illusion. But citizens of Earth this video can reveal the presence of Extra Terrestrial being on Earth and our government is still hiding this from us. Even President of America is aware of ET presence. Matter of fact their is some that is making our government to hide these kind of stuff from us. 
Make believe on your shelf on Presence of ET by looking at this video below.

"...and so when we successfully petitioned the White House and they had to respond is possible that they gave such a rigid fixed almost indefensible position NOT because they are ignorant but because that was the best thing they could do to help us out..i just trow that out cause these things are so much more complicated than you might think... "

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