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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weakness of Extra Terrestrial Beings

  • They are prone to wishful thinking due to their narrow probable reality range. Hyperdimensional beings occupy a bandwidth of probable realities whose spectrum corresponds to their soul frequencies. So those of a negative nature who vibrate at a lower and more restricted rate tend to operate within a more limited range of probable realities. This makes them blind to certain outcomes (probabilities) that are not within their perception.
  • They are very practical, so they seek the easiest route. This is because they must economize their energy and strategy. The nature of self-serving evolution involves conquest over finite resources, so efficiency and calculation are necessary.
  • They cannot easily deviate from their plans — all is calculated. It takes them a while to adjust to new evasive tactics employed by a target. Part of this is due to them attacking from outside linear time, meaning they send in their attack simultaneously along the past, present, and future. So what appears to us as an attack spanning several days or weeks is for them a single instant, and so they appear slow to respond to our improvisations.
  • The lower entities cannot deal with complexity easily unless pre-calculated. Most of what they do is geared toward optimizing success, which usually involves moving along the probable reality that best fits their end goals. But there is always a freewill factor which throws things off, and if a target uses freewill to be unpredictable, this adds incalculable complexity to the range of branching probabilities and therefore disorients them.
  • They think they always have the advantage, so they get careless; many times they don’t expect resistance because they think their agenda is secret and beyond human comprehension.
  • Lack of unity among them disrupts the spiritual coherence of their collective and therefore disintegrates what energy they collect, meaning they have to keep collecting more, thus they are like black holes needing more and more energy like a hyperdimensional pyramid scheme.


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