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Sunday, June 22, 2014


The Russian Stonehenge

The Russian Stonehenge is as declared him a stone structure as discovered in the remote region of Kemerovo in Russia wall.

It's an incredible find for the first dating to be given to the building is a hundred thousand years old. In case of a prehistoric building as at first this pose would be a comparable discovery that would compete with the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge or the pyramids in Bosnia.


The wall is composed of huge stone blocks as if they were bricks ranging from 5 to 7 meters high by 20 meters long. Each of the blocks can weigh over a thousand tons. The entire structure is about 40 meters high and extends for about 200 meters on a side of the mountain Shoria in the Russian region of Kemerovo. In the surrounding hillsides stones found them totally sparse dimension and does not seem to belong to the main building.
The natural formation was not ruled out completely, as often happens in such findings, because scientists can not understand how it was possible to carry the stones to the top of a hill about 1200 meters above sea level without a more advanced technology that you currently own man.

As one of the leaders of the expedition building megalithic masonry alternating with polygonal masonry, presents at the top like a stone fusion may not have been on nothing more than some kind of thermonuclear explosion or any other type of powerful explosions. 

During the expedition were fascinated by what they were visiting, it was something very mysterious and very old overcoat that no one had discovered to date.

An upcoming expedition to find the area categorised as "expects the Russian Stonehenge"for the summer, researchers aim to bring sophisticated equipment to access more accurately the discovery.

It is known that the mountain received its first Shoria geological expeditions scheduled in 1991, in which the rock formations were attributed to geological processes, erosion and a possible fall of a meteorite right on top of the wall. Although these early geological expeditions of 1991, maybe it was not beyond the possible geological causes and not investigated the possible hand of man or any kind of known or unknown machinery as they pose today when rock formations are studied. 

It would not be the first time in a geological study of mountain rocks a construct or set of constructs were discovered, but in 1991 it used to not go beyond what is explainable, at present some new possibilities open up after other discoveries have made shake the history of mankind that we had been told and it is very likely they have to rewrite ... 

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