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Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to Protect Yourself from Laptop Radiation

protect yourself from laptop radiation
Have you ever felt head fog while using your laptop or cell phone? Did getting up and getting away from it for a few minutes provide much needed clarity? It may be as simple as needing a break… or you may have felt a sensitivity to electronic or magnetic fields.
Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and radio frequencies (RF) surround and bombard us every day. WiFi, cell phones, laptops…. I’m no technophobe but technology is the culprit here. Now, you could dump all your technology and, believe it or not, many people have done just that. But if you’re less able to commit to such full fledged measures, there are products out there that can help reduce electrical and magnetic field emissions.
As a starting point, here are four reasonably priced products that I believe you should consider using for protection from the radiation emitted by laptops and tablets.
Disclaimer: I have no ties, affiliations, financial gain, or otherwise to any of them, this is just the result of my own research for myself.

Protect Yourself from Laptop Radiation

1. Screen Shield by LessEMF: $90
LessEMF makes a simple, monitor shield shown to cut electrical field exposure for most average sized desktop and laptop monitors by nearly 100%. Place it in front of your monitor and voila. It can also block the EMF and RF produced by the computer and reduce emissions considerably. It uses a special fabric called VeilSheild that offers good transparency and doesn’t get in the way of viewing. Do be aware that moirĂ© patterning can result and may detract from high resolution images. It’s not ideal for touch screen monitors either as it gets in the way and interferes the touch screen function.
For more information, visit their website or check out this data sheet. I also suggest that you watch this video to see it in action.
2. Belly Blanket and Nursing Cover: $49 – $109
Mothers and mothers-to-be will definitely want to check out this one… The Belly Blanket is a lightweight, cotton blanket that has RadiaShield Fabric incorporated into it. It’s probably the most versatile product and offers 99.9% effectiveness against EMF/RF exposure. Not that celebrity endorsements are an automatic slam dunk but the product has received endorsements from several, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Capshaw.  It’s great for children or adults who want protection from computer and laptop emissions. Visit their website for more information or check out these videos for a demonstration.

3. HARApad Elite 2.0 Computer Pad: $65 – $90
Despite its suggestive name, putting a laptop on your lap is a bad idea. It produces a lot of heat and a high magnetic field from the base. Men who want to protect the family jewels need to pay attention and be cautious! Step one is get it off your lap. Step two is check out the HARApad Elite. Its protection is primarily downward directed and it dissipates heat and electrical fields away from the body. Visit their website or watch the video to see a meter testing that shows a 99% EMF reduction.
4. Zercom EMF Absorber by Zeropa: $20
This Korean-made EMF/RF shielding device is a small oval “stone” which can be attached with a two-sided sticker or simply placed next to the device. It’s made from a patented ceramic compound that absorbs and reduces electrical and magnetic fields generated by computers, tablets, and cell phones. Reviews are largely positive and it’s available at a great price on their website. The product has been tested and the results are impressive. Watch these videos and see for yourself.

A Final Thought

Reducing your EMF/RF exposure doesn’t have to cost money. Here are 3 free strategies to get you started.
  1. Use your laptop unplugged and in battery mode as often as possible. This alone can reduce EMF emissions and exposure by 50-80%. Also, set it on the desk or table, not on your lap.
  2. Connect to the internet using an ethernet cable and turn off the Wifi to eliminate RF.
  3. Don’t live on the computer. Plan ahead and use your time deliberately to work and do what needs to be done. When you’re done, turn it off, the WiFi too.
Got a tip or a favorite product that I missed? Please leave a comment below and let us know how you’re minimizing your risk to laptop and other device radiation. 
Source: wake-up world

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