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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week that a missile hit the biggest blow to AIDS research

This week, a missile shot down a plane flying over Ukraine with a good number of AIDS researchers on board. In addition, a probe discovered the peculiar shape of the comet to be visited and suggested that black holes can be returned at the end of his days devouring everything before

This week, AIDS research received a blow when a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down by a SAM while flying Air Ukraine. Among the 298 passengers killed in the crash dozens of experts who traveled to the XX International AIDS Conference to be held this year in Melbourne, Australia were.
One of the dead, Joep Lange, was a Dutch clinical virologist who worked from the 90s to try to bring the poorest countries in Western drugs have made HIV infection is not synonymous with death. In 1996, Lange founded a network of clinical trials in Thailand to test the feasibility of providing antiretroviral drugs to HIV patients in low-income countries. Between 2002 and 2004 he had been president of the International Society for AIDS.

Joep Lange, one of the largest global AIDS experts, died last Thursday after a missile tear down the plane carrying /
In connection with the same disease, this week a group of scientists reported two new cases of HIV patients in which virus levels had remained at undetectable levels. The two men, both Australians, were spared the virus after receiving a stem cell treatment against cancer.
Although there have been other cases of remissions after specific treatment of HIV, the virus returned when they stopped antiretroviral therapy, which usually conventionally used to keep the disease at bay. For now, there is only one person who is considered cured of HIV. Timothy Ray Brown received a bone marrow transplant and has no traces of the virus in the blood after six years without taking antiretrovirals. Bone received this man came from a donor who had a genetic resistance to the HIV strain.

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