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Sunday, August 17, 2014

10 natural phenomena in the world that we do not understand (11 photos)

Fascinate many strange phenomena that occur on other planets. It seems, is only to reach these distant worlds, as all the secrets will be scattered. However, the Earth has a lot of unusual phenomena, whose nature, scientists still can not understand.

Funnels Baldy

37-meter hill Baldy - the highest sand dune near the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Its main feature is that it moves one meter every year or two. But there is nothing mysterious about this: the job of transporting the wind carries.
Mysteriously another: from time to time it forms a funnel into which people fall through. For example, in July 2013 and the land is literally gone from under the feet of 6-year-old Nathan Vossnera, who was buried in the three-meter hole.
Fortunately, after many hours of rescue boy managed to get alive and unharmed. The following month, suddenly formed another funnel. The reasons for this phenomenon, scientists have not been able to identify.
Work to save the 6-year-old Nathan Vossnera

Eye of the Sahara

Structure Richat, otherwise referred to as the Eye of the Sahara, is a 50-kilometer formation of concentric rings right in the middle of the great desert. Giant circles painted in various shades of blue and are clearly visible from space.
For a long time it was thought that the Eye of the Sahara was formed because of the impact of a large meteorite. However, in such cases, special alloys are formed of silicon dioxide, which RiShAT were not found.
Others believe that it is a top of an ancient volcano, but this theory has not been confirmed by geologists.
Structure Richat, Mauritania

Varnished on the rocks

Rocks in the desert are often covered with a thin substance, whose shades vary from light orange to black. Primitive people scrabbling to "lacquer" layer of their petroglyphs.
Although the practice is widespread throughout the world, the formation of this substance is still a mystery. It is the basis of common clay, and color give inclusions of iron and manganese, the source of which is unknown.
The manganese content in the rock "varnish" is 50 times higher than the average in the surrounding countryside. It is known that this element is able to accumulate a certain microorganisms.
Some scientists also believe that the mysterious layer is to spray from the sky, because the biological theory of the concentration of iron and manganese is too high.


Uturunku - 6 km stratovolcano in southwestern Bolivia, which last erupted about 300,000 years ago.Using satellite observations have established that its underground chambers can be filled to 10 times faster than other similar volcanic structures - at a rate of 1 cubic meter of magma in the second.
As a result of this process, the whole area around the volcano rises annually by a few centimeters.How long this process has been going on and whether the conversion Uturunku, in the end, a supervolcano, remains unclear.

Mass Permian extinction

Probably the largest on the planet biokatastrofa occurred at the end of the Permian period, when 93-97% of the then existing species of living beings on Earth suddenly became extinct.
The reason for the mass extinction is still a mystery to paleontologists. One of the most popular versions of the collision of Earth with a giant asteroid. It is assumed that the crater formed from such a strike is under a layer of Antarctic ice, but reliable evidence for this theory until geologists could not be found.
The inhabitants of the Permian in the view of the artist

Lake Hiller

Australian lake Hiller is not the only pink lake on Earth, but it is among the famous - the most mysterious. Unlike the others, the reasons for the strange color of the lake Hiller has not been fully elucidated.
In another Australian pink color is due to a combination of lake activities of small crustaceans and microorganisms. The lake Retba Senegal culprits are pink algae. The answer to the question that has caused a similar phenomenon in the lake Hiller, scientists have not been able to give.
Lake Hiller

Formation Hawaii

Hawaii were formed by underwater volcanic activity. Tens of millions of years ago, hot magma broke the ocean surface and froze, creating one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. However, the exact cause of the formation of Hawaii in the current form, is one of the greatest mysteries of geology.

Age of the Grand Canyon

Despite the detailed study of one of the most unusual geological features on the planet, its exact age remains a subject of heated debate among geologists. Some believe that it is not more than 6 million years old, while others estimate the age of the Grand Canyon in 70 million years.
Contentious issue for both camps scientists also remains as follows: whether the canyon formed by the Colorado River, or is she just took the gorge ready to pave its course through it?
Lightning in the Grand Canyon

Faults in the earth's crust

From time to time in different parts of our planet, strange shaking of the ground, which lead to fractures in the crust. Usually this phenomenon is accompanied by a strong underground buzz. Find the cause of these anomalies geologists are not yet able.
Cracks were recorded, for example, in Winsor (Canada) or in Cleveland (USA). In Paraguay, the break of the earth's crust was in a length of 80 meters and a maximum width - 15 cm.
It is clear that the sudden appearance of such faults is mystical horror of the locals and the inability of scientists to identify their exact causes only exacerbates fear. In scientific circles, walks talk about "the greatest riddle of tectonics."
Consequences of landslides in Bolivia

Messinian salinity peak

About 6 million years ago the Mediterranean Sea has become a desert and it remained for the next 630,000 years. This era was called Messinian salinity peak.
There is no doubt that the cause of this phenomenon was the guard of the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. But what is blocking this huge body of water?
According to one version, the reason was the increase in the ice of the polar caps, which could lead to a significant reduction in the level of the sea. Other geologists believe that as a result of tectonic activity could climb the seabed in the area of ​​the Strait of Gibraltar. However, the explanation of this remarkable phenomenon in the Earth's geological history, and yet is not expected.
Closure of the channel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

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