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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

9 important inventions, which few people know (10 photos)

Dishes that washes itself developed by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm plates have a special coating that repels water, dirt and oil, almost like a magnet. "That is to wash them, nothing to do" - says Hannah Billkvist, one of the designers of the product. This coating is already used in other industries, mainly in paints and certain tissues, but the first time such material is safe for food contact. This technology can reduce energy consumption by using less water and electricity needed for dishwashing. The technology also can be used as a wall covering cuisines catering facilities.

Syringe «XSTAT». Blood loss - the main cause of death in the conflict zones. Xstat syringe for 15 seconds can cover the opening of any gunshot wound to the introduction of a special sponge.

Neyroprotez with tactile features. Professor Silvestro Meacher and his team from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne in Switzerland have developed a prosthetic arm controlled by the brain, which is able to transmit the sensation of touch to its owner. Dennis Aebo Srensen, who lost his hand in an accident nine years ago, was able to experience a different kind of pressure with three fingers of his new artificial limb.

The first molecular LED. The device is formed of a single chain of polythiophene, placed between the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope and a gold substrate. Molecule generates light only if the current flows in a certain direction. Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials in Strasbourg brought us one step closer to the molecular computation.

Pen for 3D-drawing:

This sculpture was created with a pen for 3D-drawing. With this pen, you can start to draw the sculpture in the air. It is a small 3D-printer that melts and cools the plastic that allows you to create solid autonomous structures and inscriptions in the air. Her weight - only 40 grams and externally it looks like an ordinary pen.

Mansuk Ragaviybai Prayapati Lal, a resident of Gujarat (India), invented the refrigerator made of clay called Mitti (Clay) Cool. It does not require electricity and functioning due to the evaporation of water, keeping the contents of the fridge to cool. Refrigerator eco-friendly and affordable to most Indians from the countryside. It is capable of storing vegetables, fruits, dairy products fresh for several days.

Without the use of batteries or fuel: GravityLight generates electricity using the weight

The lack of reliable sources of electricity in developing countries is undermined not only technological progress - it affects the operating costs of the common people, all modest incomes are spent on the use of kerosene lamps or operation of solar panels. GravityLight was created as a LED lamp allows to simplify life. As the name implies, the weight (usually with ballast bag hanging from the lamp) produces electricity by the laws of physics: a few seconds are required to measure the weight, can produce 30 minutes of light, without batteries or any fuel. A simple mechanism also has additional advantages such as the possibility of other charging devices and special hardware that allow us to replace the bag for anything else weighing 20 pounds. GravityLight can help those who are most in need of electricity.

Chinese farmer Liengkay He created a suitcase-scooter that can carry two passengers. At a speed of 20 km / h it can cover a distance of approximately 50 km. Why do you have to carry a suitcase, a suitcase if you can drive ?!

Somebody mentioned Sugru? Sugru - a plasticine mass secret agent MacGyver! Revolutionary material invented by Jane No Dhalcheointay can arbitrarily change its shape to restore anything to improve or decorate! I just love it and have already repaired a lot of things with this material - the future must be secured.

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