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Monday, August 18, 2014

China to build world's largest particle accelerator

Part of the LHC accelerator, located in an underground tunnel. Archive photo
Over the next 20 years China will be a heavy-duty proton collider, which will lead the Asian giant to the forefront of modern science.
A new particle accelerator to be built in China, can significantly accelerate the development of science in the country, moving it to a leading position in the world.
Currently, the perimeter of the largest Chinese accelerator is only 240 meters. However, this may change for 2028.
That's when scientists from the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing are planning to launch a new "Higgs factory", a giant 52-kilometer ring, which will collide electrons and positrons.
Chinese scientists have calculated that the same tunnel can be used to create the next generation of accelerator - high-powered proton collider. As conceived by physicists in 2035, this Collider is ready to go.
Yifan Wang, director of the Institute of High Energy Physics, hopes to cooperate with foreign organizations. With additional financial injections sverhkollaydera size can be expanded up to 80 km.
But the Chinese are not going to sit idly by while waiting for the reaction of potential partners - the beginning of the construction of a giant accelerator in any case scheduled next five years.

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