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Friday, August 15, 2014

Earthquake in Chile need to prepare for the worst?

Aftermath of the earthquake in Chile. April, 2014
Came to a disappointing conclusion the group of seismologists from different countries. In their view, Chile soon expects a strong earthquake. Seismic activity accumulated in some regions of Chile for 140 years.
In early April, the victims of the earthquake in Chile, a magnitude 8.2 points became six people . But now two independent analysis shows that this is only the beginning.
"Even taking into account the fact that a major earthquake this year has already taken place, the danger has not disappeared" - says Gavin Hayes (Gavin Hayes) of the Geological Survey of Golden, Colorado.
Risk area was the coast of Chile, stretched for about 500 miles.The last major earthquake in the region occurred in 1877, and its magnitude was 8.8 points. According to Hayes, the April earthquake did not reduce the seismic activity. She is not weak and can cause tremors of magnitude 8.5 points, said Gavin Hayes.
His colleague Bernd Shurr of the German Research Centre in Potsdam, goes even further. In his view, the magnitude of the earthquake may reach 8.9 points.
Now among scientists there is no common understanding of how it will be released seismic activity.The only redeeming feature in this situation can be considered that Chile has a rich experience of confrontation such threats. For tsunami warning in the coastal regions of the country installed a siren. In addition, in the event of a threat, residents will receive warnings on mobile phones and via Twitter.

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