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Monday, August 18, 2014

Falsifiers of history: a secret society "Skull and Bones" (5 photos)

Author of the only work devoted to the history and functions of the association, Anthony Sutton believes that the Order 322, or the " Skull and Bones ", and often just" Bones ", you perceive not only as the most mysterious community of conspirators, but also as the most powerful political associations of the XX century.


altAnthony Sutton (1925-2002) American economist of British origin. Author of books: How to organize the Order of war and revolution, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Who controls America Power dollar.
The Order was founded in 1833 at Yale University, William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft as the separation of some 322 German secret society with its own rules, ceremonies and goals. The ranks of "Bones" annually replenished senior students of the University, selected senior colleagues, already members of the community.
After completion of education members of the Order are in constant contact and take part in joint political and financial stocks. Researcher conspiracies and secret power tools, Sutton compared the "Skull and Bones" with the German secret community - the brainchild of Adam Weishaupt's Order of the Illuminati , some members of which at the time had moved to the United States after the exposure of their anti-government activities.
When selecting members of the public attention in the first place is given to the ability to play as a team, rather than personal unique abilities. Although the personal qualities of the members of the Order of someone clearly not indifferent to all dedicated, since 1833, belong to the 20-30 well-defined families, who arrived on the American continent in the XVII century - Whitney Lords, Phelps, Woodward, Alena, Bundy, Adams.
They were later joined by immigrants from wealthy in the last 100 years, families - Harriman Rockefeller, Payne, Davison. All of them prefer to marry within the selected circle to defend its interests, finally, to build relationships in the community for the sake of this circle.


Some information about the activities of prominent families back to only two early publications about the order: there is first mentioned about some specifics of the interests of its members. Articles in "Ikonoklaste" October 13, 1873 in "Esquire" for details about the 1977 "Skull and Bones" is not revealed, but also called the order "a deadly evil, growing from year to year."
On the mutual responsibility of the community was well-known in American society: some of the "Bones" took on a political, economic functions, bypassing the government, international organizations and other institutions. For example, in June 1983, in Moscow for confidential talks with Yuri Andropov, W. Averell Harriman arrived - he did not hold any public office, but also served as a member of the Order.
What can be said about the political connections of this "private person", as long as it met the head of the Soviet state sobstvennolichno ?!
But their impact on American life. Members of the Order founded the American Historical Association, American Chemical Society and the American Psychological Association, participated in the creation of the Carnegie Institute, the American Society of court settlement of international disputes (the precursor of the League for Peace), and finally, the Institute of Political Studies.
Such a variety of focus groups indicate that all the interests of the order directed on formation of a new world order by changing the society and the world at the expense of the hard limit personal freedom.

Plans and strategies

Order forces took control of such activities in the United States, such as education, finance, law, politics, history, psychology, medicine, religion and the media. Penetration in these areas is carried out systematically, continuously, using all available official and secret agents.
Financial representatives paid orders in different historical periods of the Nazis and the Communists, the police service and terrorists, pushing opposing forces, controlling the political and economic processes.
Presumably, the Order has global control, and thus it becomes the state. Moreover - globalists of "Skull and Bones" created a network of global organizations, substituting state systems of different nations.
The Council on Foreign Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg representatives orders share a common secret policy. In spite of the closeness of information about "Bones", it is known that there are not numerous secret core - the inner circle of people who make decisions, pushing its members in the United States presidents (the Bushes, father and son), in financial and intelligence systems.
This is strongly reminiscent of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati conspiratorial network. If we consider that the main occupations of the members of "Skull and Bones" - law, education, business and industry, it should be recognized that the community can focus their influence in any of these areas depending on the purpose at certain stages.

Falsification of history

Order and have another interesting lever of influence on humanity - control the history of nations.Carried it simple: people impose specific assessment of the events. To do this, supported, paid, published only such historical works that benefit the ideology of order.
In 1880, the "Skull and Bones" founded the American Historical Society. By the beginning of the XX century the order has already had an influence on the process of education and the school system. Member of the Society of Timothy Dwight became president of Yale University. Poppy George Bundy, who participated in the proceedings of the Vietnam War, earned a spot in the Dean of Harvard University.
At the same time, any information about historical events, contrary to the main line of the American Historical Society, is not allowed to the presentation during the training process.
Most of the organizations producing school textbooks also indirectly financed the Order. The same tactic has spread to other parts of the world. There was a process that does not leave people to independent thinking, actions, and search for patterns.
In 1946, the Rockefeller Foundation has allocated 139 000 dollars in order to make a version of the official history of the Second World War, which is completely obscured by the fact that the Nazi regime was established by American bankers. One of the main companies to finance it, was actually Rockefeller "Standard Oil."
The Ford Foundation was originally formed on the funds received from the automobile production of Henry Ford. Soon, however, was infiltrated by members of the Order of "Skull and Bones", who used the founder's funds in order to destroy as school education and public information system.


In 1966 he became president of the Ford Foundation, Mack George Bundy. He chose as his vice president as a member of the Order of "Skull and Bones" Harold Howe II. The scope of the order was the department of research and education. Thus, the technique of psychological warfare, developed at the Institute for Humanities Research Teyvistok, provided a direct impact on the media, newspapers, telephone and radio, instantly disseminate information worldwide.
David Rockefeller
Careful investigation into the activities of the Order in the information and education opens its main goal - controlling these areas, "Skull and Bones" controls the future of the American (and not only!) Society.
I must say that the conscious manipulation and highly professional way of thinking and opinion of the masses is an important part of the state, over which there are secret societies. Order of the "Skull and Bones" uses a half-forgotten slogan of the conspirators of the XVIII century:
"We must win the common people in all corners of the Earth.This will be achieved mainly through the schools and through the spectacle, condescension, popularity and toleration of prejudices which we at leisure root out and dispel. "
It is in this direction and there are American schools, depriving the child's individual talents and preparing to function as a "cog wheel and the" state of the mechanism.

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