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Monday, August 11, 2014

Interesting things about the Nikola Tesla's Expirement

Interesting things about the experiments Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla, an interesting
Nikola Tesla - one of the most famous scientists of the past and mysterious. Most of his inventions are still kept classified as "secret", and modern physics is unable to understand its interesting inventions.
One of the most mysterious of his discoveries - is the transfer of energy without wires. In his hands randomly lit up a light bulb turned on and off remotely motors, he even managed to pass through a voltage electric current two million volts. All this happened in the 1890s.

Interesting experiments with electricity

Interesting things about the experiments Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla, an interesting
In 1989, Nikola Tesla put in the attic a device that emits vibrations. A few minutes later the neighboring houses began to shake violently, began beating utensils, and soon terrified residents rushed into the streets. All gathered at the home of Tesla, including the police. But fortunately or unfortunately, excited scientist managed to destroy his instrument, and soon admitted that a couple of hours would be able to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge.
In 1903, New Yorkers have seen the test tower-resonator Tesla. Over the ocean there were hundreds of artificial lightning, which had a length of more than a hundred kilometers. Nikola Tesla using your tower could ignite the various layers of the atmosphere, turning night into day, as evidenced by the residents of Long Island.

In one experiment, Tesla revealed that its installation can supply electricity to hundreds of incandescent bulbs, scattered within a radius of 42 kilometers from his home, where he was his laboratory. Nikola Tesla was convinced that if he could build a more powerful vibrator, you could feed the electricity that, anywhere, in any corner of the world. Tesla's vibrator itself was a huge transformer, above which rises 60 meters high tower with a copper ball on top. This vibrator is used Earth as a conductor, where electric waves propagated through the ground in a diametrically opposite point of the tower, and then reflected back. Nikola Tesla himself believed that by constructing 12 such towers over the entire surface of the Earth, we could provide wireless electricity throughout the world.
In 1900-ies, Tesla was able to receive a current of 100 million amperes and a voltage of 10 thousand volts to maintain this state long as he wants. Modern scientists are still unable to solve the riddle of Nikola Tesla and get such indicators. Now science has slats 30 million. Amps and then the explosion of electromagnetic bombs.

The disappearance of the ship with the help of Nikola Tesla

Soon the mysterious workings of the scientist interested in the naval forces of the United States. To defeat the enemy developed methods to eliminate using electric shocks in the distance, creating a resonant weapons and even a prototype time machine.
But epifiozom military cooperation Nicholas and the United States Navy was the project "Rainbow". He developed stealth technology, which allowed ships to be invisible to enemy radar. However, the experiments themselves were carried out without the military Tesla, because of his death. With the help of generators Tesla destroyer "Eldridge" first experienced electromagnetic bubble, which allowed the ship to disappear from the radar. But the unexpected happened and the destroyer not only disappeared from the radar, but in general. Witnesses testify that the ship appeared in the distance of 150 kilometers of extinction. It was a teleportation. But, unfortunately, the whole crew, which was on a destroyer went mad and was dismissed as mentally unbalanced. The "Rainbow" was closed.
Interesting things about the experiments Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla, an interesting

Tunguska meteorite

Experiments and calculations of Nikola Tesla went so far that he suggested, and somehow, a way has proved the opposite theory of Einstein, that the ether exists. He was convinced of the existence of the ether, as Einstein, proving the impossibility of the existence of the ether, thus gave evidence in favor of its existence. Nicolet was hard to imagine that radio is, and ether - the medium that carries these waves, no. Without ether is impossible to prove the existence of ball lightning, Tesla believed, and in fact and in truth - the nature of ball lightning is still one of the most mysterious and unknown.
Nicola wanted to increase the performance of your cavity and came to the conclusion that if you create a resonance system Earth - Moon, then it will be easy to transfer energy anywhere in the world at a lower cost than through the earth. Nicola began assembling a new installation, and when I came on the X, the calculations showed that the energy reflected from the moon hits in one of the regions of Siberia.He already wanted to give up the behavior, but having studied the detailed maps and terrain data realized that this area is not populated.
The experiment was successful, but Nikola Tesla found out about it only from the headlines of newspaper news. Then he realized what a terrible weapon he created. Knowing the human craving for destruction of their own kind, he decided that his invention would die with him. Impact point was the Tunguska Stony River area - a mysterious place, "according to official figures" meteorite fell , but the true facts are still not.

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