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Monday, August 11, 2014

Invented Wi-Fi technology supply and "communication" devices without batteries

Equipment for testing the inventive apparatus
"Internet of Things" is getting closer: American engineers were the first in the world to introduce a working technology that allows devices without batteries not only be powered by Wi-Fi, but also to transmit information at this time. About this site reports the University of Washington.
"Internet of things" - a concept close network integration of various physical and virtual objects ("things) that communicate with each other or with the environment information. As a communication channel called wireless internet. By "things" here means anything - from transport to home temperature sensors.
It is believed that the "Internet of Things" is no longer a futuristic concept, but a real and intimate perspective with present rates of development of information technology.
The new invention of engineers from the University of Washington, which soon, according to the plans of the authors, will be patented, confirms this trend. They managed to create technology that nourishes appliances without internal energy source via Wi-Fi, and at the same time allows them to communicate with other devices that are connected to Wi-Fi.
If the "Internet of things" really takes place, we must ensure that the connection is potentially billions of devices that do not have batteries that will be embedded in everyday objects. Now we have the ability to activate the connection via Wi-Fi devices for consuming an order of magnitude less energy than usual to do this.
- Sham Gollakota, University of Washington
The new device consists of a chip and antenna that catches the wireless signal from the router to the computer. Catching it, the device transmits its data, reflecting or not reflecting the signal Wi-Fi. It's a little change the wireless signal, the computer detects it and receives data thus.
Engineers were able to implement this workaround at a distance of 2 meters between the computer and the antenna device. Fixed data rate - 1 kilobit per second.
The plans of the engineers not only to patent the device, but also to create their own company and to increase the range of the device up to 20 meters.

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