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Monday, August 11, 2014

Japanese Bermuda

Japanese Bermuda
What is the "Bermuda Triangle" to tell anyone not necessary. Publications, films, radio programs about it so much that anyone can go to tell a couple of stories about the mysterious disappearance of the ship / aircraft in the area bounded by Bermuda, the southern tip of Florida and Puerto Rico. Of course, the Bermuda Triangle - a unique place, but not the only one. Any Specialist anomalous zones will call you a dozen more of the same mysterious places. First since Bermuda is always the Devil's Sea.

Japanese Bermuda

Devil's Sea is located in the Pacific Ocean between Japan, the Philippine Islands and the island of Guam. Since ancient times, there were lost fishing boats of fragile. "Cursed place" called the area the locals. But one in Europe worried the Japanese junks missing somewhere on the outskirts of the world?Everything changed in the XX century, when Japan withdrew into the category of industrially developed countries and in its waters run heavy steel ships. Began to disappear tankers, military destroyers and passenger liners.
In 1955, after 5 years in the Devil's Sea disappeared 9 large ocean-going vessels, the Japanese authorities have equipped research vessel "Kayo Maru", which was to bring clarity to this "dark matter."August 11 "Kayo Maru" in front of numerous witnesses exploded 6 km. from the shore, adding yet another mystery in the treasury of mysteries Sea Devil. Sailors dubbed the area "Graveyard of the Pacific", Japan formally recognized the area a hazard to navigation.
After an official warning by the ships in the Devil's Sea has declined. But ships continued to cross the danger zone, and in the quietest cloudless weather disappearing ships and aircraft, with no time to send a broadcast «SOS». The most tragic was the winter 1980/1981 year - then this week with a little lost 6 (!) Vessels. Neither the Coast Guard nor rescue the expedition did not find any debris or a crew member or passenger - neither living nor dead.

In searching for the causes

The circumstances of the disappearance of vessels studied dozens of committees, each of which presents an extensive report. The essence of all these reports was to ensure that "the area is very dangerous for navigation." Here often swell and storm, the Devil's Sea is the first year for the number of typhoons passing (up to 40 per year!), In an area full of coral reefs, is there for rapid plus two chain of underwater volcanoes - to the east and the west. All these things together may well be the cause of death of more than one dozen ships, even without any anomalies. And they are in the Devil's Sea just is.

Anomalies of the Sea Devil

It has long been noticed by local fishermen in the area of ​​unusual phenomena. Changed color of water above the surface of the ocean appeared water dome by severe storms. All of this was attributed to the action of a huge dragon that lives in the depths of the ocean.
Scientists who have studied the Devil's Sea, the dragon did not find, but recorded gravity and magnetic anomalies, attenuation radar signals, the disappearance of radio navigation and frequent failures of ship systems. People in the waters of the Sea Devil feel lethargic, frustrated, they are overwhelmed by depression and fear. In the area of ​​rare dolphins, whales and albatrosses.
In August 1988, in the Devil's Sea disappeared three Japanese fighter jets. In a recent report one of them reported the observed "huge fireball bright red." From fighter flight was only 1.5-meter piece of stabilizer, found patrol ship.
All maritime powers strongly recommend to their captains plotted ships to bypass the danger zone. As for the sailors themselves, the wolves of the sea continue to walk through the sea, accompanied each time the decision of the old Marine saying "swim in the sea is necessary, and save a life - not so necessary."

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