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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Parallel reality the greatest physics - Tesla

Parallel reality the greatest physics - Tesla. Author of more than 800 inventions.It just can not be called or how it's adversaries "pseudoscientific". He opened the alternating current, fluorescent light, wireless power transmission, built the first electric clock, a turbine engine on solar energy, he predicted the possibility of treating patients with high frequency, the appearance of electric lamps, fluorescent lamps, electron microscope.

Nikola Tesla began a five-year nightmares and maintenance from which there was no escape. It was then, as later confessed matured Tesla, he was prepared to run in a parallel reality, where there was no pain, fear - just bright, yet unexplained, images. In 17 years, Nicola is seriously ill, doctors believed that his days were numbered, and he, after 9 months of serious illness, he suddenly recovered. However, it has not been without consequences, and trips to the other-worldly reality continued. "Thus began my mental journey - shared Tesla. - First, vaguely, then all the better I've seen new cities, places, countries, lived there, met people, made friends.It's hard to believe, but they are to me as expensive as my family and just as real. "

In his theory of electricity was a fundamental concept of the ether - a kind of invisible substance that fills the whole world and transmitting vibrations at a rate many times greater than the speed of light. Every millimeter of space, Tesla believed, full of boundless, infinite energy, which only need to be able to extract.

Theorists of modern physics and could not give an interpretation of the views of Tesla on the physical reality.Why he did not formulate his theory? Answer this question, we'll never know.
Back in the 1900s, Tesla could not get the current 100 million. Amperes and a voltage of 10 thousand. Volts.And supports such features whenever you need. 

Modern physics reach of such indicators is simply unable to.

Modern scientists have reached a strip of 30 million amperes (the explosion of electromagnetic bombs), and 300 million during the fusion reaction - and then, for a split second.

"I'm in no hurry with empirical tests, - lifts the veil of mystery Tesla. - When an idea, I immediately start modifying it in your mind: to change the design, enhance, and "turn on" the device so that it healed in my head.I absolutely do not care as to whether I was testing his invention in the laboratory or in the mind. Even have time to notice if something prevents proper operation. Likewise, I am able to develop the idea to perfection to anything without touching hands. "
In 1931, Tesla took the gasoline engine from the new car «Pierce-Arrow» and replaced it with a standard AC electric motor without any external power source was. Then went to the car this week, accelerating to 150 km / h. When asked where the car was taken to the same energy, Tesla, traditionally tricky squinting, replied: "From the air around us all."

One of the main forms of contact Nicola appeared in the autumn of 1876, lectures on electrical engineering he conceived the idea of imperfection DC machines and the need to move to use the AC: "I struggled with this problem for several years. It was a matter of life and death. I knew I was going to die if you do not decide it. My brain was strained to the limit, and at some point, the unthinkable happened - I heard the ticking of the clock in three rooms of me landing the fly on the table loud thud echoed in my ears, in the dark, I had the sensitivity of a bat, and could locate objects through special tingling in the forehead. The sun's rays so pressed on my mind that I almost fainted. Zipping away crew shook my body and suddenly I saw a flash, like a small sun. In an instant the truth was revealed to me. It was a state of absolute happiness. Thoughts were endless stream, and I hardly had time to fix them. " Over time, Tesla learned to go into such a state whenever it wanted. He claimed to be able at any moment to turn off your brain completely from the outside world, and in this state comes to him the inner vision. In the same way Tesla bring their designs to perfection. 

"I do not need models, drawings, experiments. When I get ideas, I'm starting to build in the imagination of the device, change the design, improve it, and turn on. And I do not care conducted tests of the device at my mind or in the studio - the results will be the same.

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