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Monday, August 11, 2014

Scientist found a new kind of flame - "cold combustion"

During the last month of experiments on the ISS, a group of scientists, led by University of California professor Forman Williams, has opened a new kind of flame combustion, called "cold". Opening scientists view as an opportunity to create a more efficient and "clean" engines.
Scientists had during the experiment set fire to a huge drop of heptane. In early experiments, the flame behaved just as it itself on Earth, as it were destroyed. But sensors found that stays heptane, although the flame was not seen. The subjects believe this phenomenon is a result of conventional chemical reactions.
They only last a very short period of time, so go completely in the world do not have time. However, they come to a logical end in zero gravity. To be able to perform an experiment in the world, you need to pick a mixture of different types of fuel. NASA has planned for this winter for next year a new series of experiments, called "cold flame Studies» («COOL FLAME INVESTIGATION»), which will hold only as long as the ISS.
Presumably they will last for a year. For the production of fuel and ignition are planning to use the machine Multiuser Droplet Combustion Apparatus. For recording the experiment room equipped with cameras and appropriate sensors.

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