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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scientists are exploring whether the dead communicate with the aid of electronic devices

Dr. Imants Barushs from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, conducted two studies to examine whether the dead communicate with the living through electronic devices.
In the first experiment, this phenomenon is only partially able to reproduce. The study was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2001
Dr. Imants Barushs and his assistants recorded the sound of the radio between stations. When they returned to the spirits that were present there, they heard something similar to a word or phrase. The test results showed that the so-called "electronic voice phenomenon» (EVP) may indeed exist, but definitive evidence has not been received.
In the second experiment, conducted in 2007, he tried to eliminate some of the shortcomings of the first experience. Instead of using radio, which allows for biased interpretations, he used a computer program that randomly generated letters and words. They wanted to see whether there will be something unusual about it.
The emergence of logical and unusual phrases that can not result from a random set, may be evidence that the device affects the spirit of trying to convey a message.
He also used an electronic voice generator - a device that cuts the audio files and optionally their sticks together. The idea was to see whether there will be any connection between the generator and the generator of random words electronic vote.
The result has been mixed: there was one significant sequence of words, but a large number of abnormal signal was observed. The most interesting results were obtained with another computer program that randomly generated word "yes" or "no." The researchers asked 11 questions that can be answered yes or no, nine of them were obtained the correct answers.
Two questions that have been given the wrong answers, you can have a different interpretation. Wrong answer was given to the question: "We live in London?" Though scientists do live in London, Ontario, Canada. Barushs noted that the question was incorrectly worded, it sounded as if we are talking about a famous British London. The second question asks: "Do assistant five children?". The answer was "yes", but in fact she has three children and two dogs. Barushs believes that if the generator does affect a creature, it could find dogs with children.
In any case, 9 of 11 correct answers - "unique match from a statistical perspective." In this program, the probability of obtaining such a result is 4.2%.
Most of the records and the results of random phrases and words have not shown that the spirits were trying to communicate. However Barushs noted other interesting details of experiments.
In the experiment, participated woman who considered herself a psychic. She was invited in the hope that she can feel the presence of spirits trying to communicate through electronic devices, and give advice on how to conduct an experiment.
During the session, the scientists asked the question: "What do we need to know and that we do not understand in this matter?". Medium immediately heard the voice of the electronic generator gave the word "opportunity." At the same time activated the random phrases and created the phrase "a clear opportunity was yes name." Barushs and another scientist did not hear at the moment the word "opportunity", but they heard it on the record.
During another session, the scientists asked the question: "What should we do to improve?". Generator of random sentences issued: "We spend a measurement when hopeless to continue." Barushs and his colleagues speculated whether the word "continue" signal that they should not stop the experiments.They again activated generator phrases, and he gave: "Feel the light to reach the figure of logic to figure out the people to continue." The word "continue" again.
Generator of random letters gave no spectacular results podchёrknul Barushs.
Medium said that from her point of view, the spirits need a huge effort to affect electronic devices, and few people will go for it. But she said she received a message from the dead scientists, including former colleague Barushsa who "debated about quantum theory and the relation between mind and matter in a very similar manner." He tried to meditate and medium before the experiment, as recommended by the spirit medium.
"As we conduct experiments in such a hypothetical sphere, medium and I began to feel that we are entering a zone of uncertainty. This is contrary to a clear criteria that are necessary for scientific research - wrote Barushs. - But we thought that this uncertainty can be useful, at least at this stage, that this phenomenon could gain a clear form. "
He continued: "For example, we are in the 11th session we decided not to use a generator yes / no, because it would be immediately freed us from ambiguity. We experimented with a generator yes / no only during the 25th and last session by asking questions to which we know the answers. "
Barushs also believes that a computer program can not issue a rather arbitrary set of letters. As a result, no creature is trying to influence it. Another possibility - appliances affects consciousness scientists themselves. Experiments conducted in the laboratory for the study of anomalies of Princeton University (PEAR), have shown that people's consciousness is able to physically affect the electronic devices.

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