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Monday, August 4, 2014

The real Nome Alaska missing Persons Cases

So with the alien abduction story behind disappearances being a proved fabrication, what is the real story behind the missing people of Nome?
In an article published in the LA Times, titled, “Alaska, Land of the Lost,” Alaska is described as follows:
“In its rugged, lonely vastness, there are so many ways and places for people to disappear, so many reasons the missing are never found.” (8)
According to the article in 2004, 3,323 people were reported missing in the state of Alaska, far higher than anywhere else in the country. Since police began recording numbers in 1988, they have received at least 60,700 reports of missing people in Alaska. (9)
Comprised of 39 mountain ranges, Alaska has 3,000 rivers, 5,000 glaciers and more than 3 million lakes, all of which, according to the LA Times, “offer nooks and envelopes for bodies to slip in and remain hidden forever.”
In Alaska, there are many ways to get lost and never found.

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