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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Buried couple together for 700 years (6 photos)

700 years of excavations along the skeleton
Unexpected discovery, archaeologists have found the University of Leicester in the UK: Scientists have found a pair of lovers, who did not leave for 7 centuries!
Last week it was reported that researchers from the University of Leicester (University of Leicester) in the UK found in the territory of the small village of Hallaton chapel, located in the county of Leicestershire, the remains of 11 people . Radiocarbon dating showed that the people were buried in the XIV century, but most archaeologists do not hit the age of the skeletons and remains of a man and a woman is indicated in the report ABC News.
700 years of excavations along the skeleton
The fact that this pair of die holding arm, and thus are not parted over 700 years.
700 years of excavations along the skeleton
Archaeologists have admitted that they can not understand why the body of men and women, as well as the other nine people were buried in a small chapel, and not in the church Hallatona.
700 years of excavations along the skeleton
"The bodies, including the buried in the same grave couple, somehow buried too far from the church. And now we are trying to find an answer to the question why this has happened - says the lead researcher, an archaeologist at the University of Leicester, Vicki Sprint (Vicky Score), excavated during the holidays. - Because they can be buried in a beautiful church in the village.This suggested to us that the chapel may have been a special place for burial. "
700 years of excavations along the skeleton
While scientists adhere to the version according to which the cemetery was used for burials of sick people, criminals or pilgrims who came from afar, who refused to be buried in the church, according to Leicester Mercury.
Specialists have managed to establish the cause of death of several people. Thus, according to the results of the examination, one man died from wounds to the head, possibly from being hit with an ax in battle, but the young man was buried with pursed to the chest down, most likely died from the disease - this pose is typical for people who suffer from severe abdominal pain, for example, at an attack of acute pancreatitis.
700 years of excavations along the skeleton

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