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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elephant Man of Scotland (3 photos)

Elephant Man from Scotland foot plate, the mutation
66-year-old Michael Cull almost 10 years suffers terrible mutation that started after the accident. In a car accident a man injured his left leg, which eventually began to increase in size.
Raised by a retired NASA programmer elephant leg turned his life into hell: he had difficulty walking, and if it goes out, it becomes a target for cruel jokes. Fortunately, doctors have promised to help a desperate pensioner.
Ten years ago, a computer technician NASA, Michael Cull (Michael Cull), who lives in London, was in a car accident, after which his life turned into hell, says Mail Online. The fact is that over time, his left leg has been gradually increasing in size.
A few years later a retired man moved to Scotland and independently engaged in a strange disease treatment - Waist swollen limb stockings and bandages - but the foot continued to swell. Currently atypical tissue spread from the toes to the thigh, causing limb Calla deformed and grew to enormous proportions.
Elephant Man from Scotland foot plate, the mutation
According to 66-year-old retired programmer, now he rarely goes out because of the fear of severe ridicule of others.
"I became a target for ridicule - bitterly he admits. - People call me insulting nicknames, most of the Elephant Man, and this name hurts me sick all the others. I am really depressed, because there is no way to hide my bad leg when I walk down the street, pants ride up and everyone can see it. I can not even wear socks, because the tumor covers and toes. And I can not choose clothes that matches the size of my limbs. "
Earlier pensioner accused the UK National Health Service (NHS) in the unwillingness to help him - he said that the doctors turned away from him, ignoring limb weighing almost 13 kg.
Fortunately, recently came to the aid of male doctors from Kingston upon Hull to discuss with him an operation to remove the deformed tissue.
"They say they will try to return to my normal foot size and appearance. I love it! - Cull shared their joy with journalists. - Maybe my suffering will end soon and I can live a normal life. I can not wait until the doctors call me to prepare for the operation. "
According to local media, the operation is to reduce the "elephant" legs scheduled for next month.
Elephant Man from Scotland foot plate, the mutation

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