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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Germany published their data on the death of a Malaysian "Boeing"

Germany published their data on the death of a Malaysian "Boeing" germany, Boeing, data, Ukraine, defense, sensation
There are new sensational details about the crash Boeing 777 MH17 in the sky over the Donbas. Moreover, the information came from where nobody was waiting for - of the German Bundestag, the site of which was published a memorandum with the data that the flight was shot down MN17 is not rocket "Book" issued "pro-Russian separatists" as previously claimed the West ...
And missile air defense missile system S-125 (NATO - SA-3). It's an old Soviet complex, which in Russia has long withdrawn from service and replaced by the C-300. However, he is still there in the armies of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine.
In a modified version of the C-125 "Pechora" still exported to some foreign countries. The complex has a good live performance, during the war in Yugoslavia, precisely because it was shot down by the vaunted American stealth aircraft F-117, that the United States had to admit.
But in any regard, this complex is referred to in the memorandum of the Bundestag? This 8-page document signed by the State Secretary (Deputy Minister) of Foreign Affairs Markus Ederer German Foreign Ministry sent to the Bundestag on September 5, even though it was published later. Loud statements to the press on this issue has not been done. Apparently, because, according to the German political scientist Kret Mayer, not to attract undue attention to the document.
In fact, this memorandum was compelled to answer the German Foreign Ministry to request "Left Party" - the main opposition forces in the country. In connection with the crash MN17 "left" in particular interested in the government: what information he has about the circumstances of the death of "Boeing" in the sky over the Donbas?
Government response stated that a record of negotiations in the air, but can not publish them without the consent of the Netherlands, is responsible for the investigation, but said "the federal government has no evidence to prove that the MH17 was hit by anti-aircraft missiles" - although, as we know, the West from the beginning unanimously claimed that the aircraft destroyed "Beech", "pro-Russian separatists."
Further, even more interesting: the document states that on July 17 in the airspace of Poland and Romania were two reconnaissance aircraft, NATO AWACS, which keeps track of everything going on in Ukraine, including the work of air defense systems, including radar. The document says that "both aircraft AWACS recorded signals air defense system, SAM identified as" surface-to-air "SA-3, as well as the radar signal from the other device, which could not be identified."
Germany published their data on the death of a Malaysian "Boeing" germany, Boeing, data, Ukraine, defense, sensation
What is the SA-3 is not explained (hardly a coincidence). However, experts know that SA-3 according to NATO classification - namely S-125, and not the "Book", which is built on the use of all charges in Russia, as well as fake SBU, like the one on the second day after the accident in the Internet posted Avakov.
By the way, apparently complexes "Buk" and C-125 are absolutely not similar. "Beech" - self-propelled gun, which resembles a tank. S-125 - SAM mounted on a stationary carriage (later appeared modification to the truck), usually with four missiles.
Germany published their data on the death of a Malaysian "Boeing" germany, Boeing, data, Ukraine, defense, sensation
Their essential difference Western media tend not to stick out. For example, the German TV station n-tv reported that automatically recognize the signal from the C-125 supposedly can be confused with "Buck". However, only in one case: if "Buck" is not activated system radar targeting. Translated into the language of the layman, this means that if the firing haphazardly, indiscriminately.
However, any military can confirm that without the use of radar target at an altitude of 10 000 m to knock off the ground is absolutely impossible. From all this, the German political scientist Kret Mayer concludes that the application of his government actually refutes accusations against militias that "Buck" allegedly knocked MN17.
The same conclusion comes and member of the German "Left" Alexander Noah: "There is no evidence, how and by whom MN17 was shot down. A stark contrast to the government charges that Germany and its Western partners are launching against Russia and against the rebels, allegedly shot down the plane. Their blame it on the basis of wild speculation, prejudice and political interests primarily directed against Russia. charges do not stand up to scrutiny from a legal point of view. And on the basis of unproven reproaches against Russia take sanctions. "
Of course, these new data, published on the website of the Bundestag can be considered sensational. The only question is whether they want to "see" in Washington, or would prefer to ignore as well as absolutely conclusive evidence of the Russian General Staff, submitted by our military on the third day after the tragedy.
Germany published their data on the death of a Malaysian "Boeing" germany, Boeing, data, Ukraine, defense, sensation

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