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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Scientists have found a protein that is responsible for the production of killer cell cancer

Natural killer cells (blue) attacking a cancer cell (yellow)
Discovery of the connection between the protein MCL-1 and production of natural killer cells - cells that protect the body against cancer and viruses - can lead to more effective ways to combat cancer. This is stated in an article published in the journal Nature Communications.
Natural killer cells - a special kind of lymphocyte, which performs in the body as a kind of "police": in his travels through the vessels, these cells seek foreign body, such as viruses and cancer, and then try to found "offenders" neutralized.
Australian scientists led by Nick Huntington (Nick Huntington) from the Institute of Medical Research Walter and Eliza Hall were able to identify the protein (MCL-1), which is directly responsible for the livelihoods and production of natural killer cells that holds some promise for the treatment of cancer.
The study becomes even more important from the fact that scientists in experiments confirmed as critical to the survival of the body are natural killer cells.
We found that MCL-1 is vital for the production and operation of natural killer cells. Without these cells turned out to be the body is unable to fight metastatic melanoma that has spread through the body freely (test animals) and filled the lungs.
- Nick Huntington Medical Research Institute Walter and Eliza Hall
Scientists note that natural killer cells may harm the body - these cells play a critical role in the rejection of various implants and tissue donor.
Thus, the control of the activity of a protein MCL-1 holds great promise not only in oncology but also in eliminating rejects the body's reaction to certain types of medical intervention.
One method for such control are already known: MCL-1 corresponds to higher activity in contact with blood protein signaling IL-15.
Now that we are aware of the crucial role of MCL-1 in the survival of natural killer cells, we are looking for ways to learn how to control this protein, which further helps in the treatment of diseases.
- Nick Huntington Medical Research Institute Walter and Eliza Hall

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