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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Research reveals matters more popular in the deep web

A survey conducted by the university of portsmouth, in england for six months catalogou the services of the most popular Tor browser, which leads to the so - called deep web - hidden part of the internet that is not traced back ( understand ). From the anonymity, users create sites with the extension. Onion ( disambiguation ), which offers services and products afterwards.

The research has established servers connected to the network tor who also visited the websites to download content in html, categoriz√° - Los and monitor the visits received. According to the study, the majority of traffic is related to the images and child sexual abuse With featured also for the sale of drugs.

Over the period of the study, researchers found around 80 thousand sites hidden in tor . ' the majority of the services hidden we saw only once ', Reported gareth owen, leader of the research. ' they tend to do not exist for a long time.' About 75 % of the traffic observed by the study led the pages showing abuse.

The main services had hidden relationship with the control of botnets, computer networks homemade loaded with malicious software The sale of drugs and other types of exchanges of illegal goods, sites of fraud, services E - mail and exchanges of virtual currency bitcoin.

Despite the results obtained, the data does not allow us to concrete conclusions. ' it may seem that there is a lot of people visiting these pages, but it is hard to conclude this from the research ', Declared owen. ' how many hits are of people and how many are machines? Just do not know ', He said.

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