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Friday, June 19, 2015

Teleportation: The Pros and Cons (4 photos + video)

Back in 1997, researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen proved the possibility of quantum teleportation of particles. But even after nearly two decades of this theme is one of the most controversial in the academic and other worlds.
Teleportation is contrary to common sense, say the skeptics. After superluminal speed of the lead to the destruction of any creature on the atomic level. Collect object again intact in the new point is impossible!
But supporters of the teleportation object and bring the facts and eyewitness accounts. I must say that most of the representatives of official science refers to these examples with undisguised irony, considering the stories have been in "other worlds" the result of mental disorders.
Without a doubt, the possibility to instantly move to distant objects or the materialisation of the air at least once, but dreamed of it. Until recently, this phenomenon is described only in myths, fairy tales and science fiction novels. However, recent studies indicate that ignore all the accumulated data is no longer available. It is time to thoroughly investigate this phenomenon.

Historical evidence

In the I century AD, Emperor Domitian repaired trial physician and philosopher Apollonius of Tyana, accusing him of witchcraft. According to eyewitnesses, the doctor can instantly move from Rome to Ephesus to treat people infected with plague. After the announcement of the verdict philosopher he said: "Nobody, not even the Emperor of Rome will not be able to keep me in prison." There was a bright flash, and the defendant has disappeared. Immediately afterwards he was seen surrounded by his disciples at a distance of several days' journey from Rome.
Reverend Mary, who lived in the XVII century, all his years spent in the monastery of Jesus in the Spanish town of Agreda. Officials say the evidence that between 1620 and 1631 years, it has made more than 500 movements in America, converted to Christianity Yuma Indians. It's hard to believe, but in 1622 the father of Alonso de Binavides Isolito mission in New Mexico in the letters of Pope Urban VIII and King Philip IV of Spain asked to explain who he had to pay Yuma Indians in the Christian faith.

Indians themselves have stated that this obligation "woman in blue" - the European nun, leaving them crosses, rosaries and chalice, which they used during the Mass.Later, his father Alonso received from nuns detailed reports on visits to the Indians, and detailed descriptions of their customs and clothing is identical to that he saw with his own eyes.
In the old Spanish sources say that October 25, 1593 in Mexico City suddenly appeared soldier whose regiment at that time was in the Philippines, thousands of miles from Mexico. As a deserter, he was put on trial, where he told that a few moments before its appearance in Mexico City carrying guard duty at the palace of the governor of the Philippines in Manila, who was killed before his eyes. His appearance in Mexico City, he could not explain. After a few months, people who arrived by ship from the Philippines, confirmed the story of the soldier.
One of the most well-known proven fact refers to the 1880s. In the eyes of his family in broad daylight disappeared Lang farmer from the state of Tennessee. He was walking to them on the field, and if vanished.
Of course, these old cases can cause a lot of doubts, but what about the others that have occurred in our time?
In May 1968, the couple Vidal followed by car from the Argentine city Chaskomus to his friends in the city of cornstarch. However, at the destination at the estimated time they arrived. But ... we announced in Mexico, at a distance of 4000 kilometers, from which a call to your friends. Later, the couple was told that their car was shrouded in white mist, and both felt very sick. When the fog cleared, they found themselves in a completely different place.
In 1982, in Belarus during a training flight disappeared from radar combat fighter.They searched for him, but to no avail. Exactly one day the plane landed, the pilot could not understand why the noise and panic. According to him, he spent hours in the air only 12 minutes.
Recently, the Internet, a host of video evidence to the appearance and disappearance not only of UFOs, but ordinary people. For example, in China, a surveillance camera recorded as "angel" miraculously saved by trishaw, simply must be killed in a car crash.
Considerable interest was aroused and operational shooting footage in which Russian special services tried to detain the suspect in the bookstore, and that the eyes of the astonished investigators suddenly disappeared.

Reality or a hoax?

Some experts in the field of teleportation no doubt that the famous magician Harry Houdini possessed the ability to move in space, literally walk through walls. For the case when he was locked up as an experiment in the chamber in prison in St. Petersburg. But despite the numerous locks and security, after a while Houdini was out of the prison walls.
In 1908, in an interview with the journalist of the newspaper "New knowledge" to the question, not whether he is ready to share the secret, the magician said: "No, because this is not my expertise." The next question of the journalist was followed by a stunning response: "They gave me personally by Leonardo da Vinci." It is known that the great magician has an extensive library of esoteric and magic, and often used this knowledge. But he brushed aside all suspicion of spiritualism, stating that it was "sheer humbug."

The Philadelphia Experiment

The famous experiment in which a huge American warship "Eldridge" suddenly appeared and disappeared hundreds of kilometers away, and then came back - one of the most intriguing mysteries of the past century. It is believed that during the Second World War, commissioned by the US military conducted its Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.
First developed a unified field theory, combining all the forces of the universe - electromagnetic, gravitational, nuclear. The second was absolutely outstanding inventor and experimental physicist. It is known, however, that Tesla, unlike Einstein, was categorically against such flirting with the forces of nature. He believed that the slightest error in calculation or during the experiment can lead to disastrous consequences, not only for the crew, but also for the planet as a whole.
But the experiment is still held. And judging from the leaked data, the scientist was right. Many crew members have disappeared, some were imbedded in the armor of the destroyer, someone crazy. The results were immediately classified, and all the documents that have anything to do with the experiment, were confiscated by the US secret services.
This story had a continuation: in 1983, the military base "Montauk", USA.There, according to the researchers of anomalous phenomena, teleportation experiments were conducted under the code name "Phoenix 2". As a result of the experiment base simply disappeared. A few witnesses spoke of the terrible tornado electronically. As a result, they burned generators were completely destroyed electric cables and wires, and most of the equipment was gone, was flung into a parallel reality.
Many of the soldiers were killed, and the survivors have lost their reason. However, researchers still cautious in their conclusions and are in no hurry to argue that there was opened a portal to a parallel world. Moreover, all the documents were again in special folders stamped "Top Secret".


Around the same time as the Philadelphia Experiment on the other side of the planet, the Nazis carried out an intensive search for a place of power. It is known that Hitler believed in the existence of the tip of the descendants of the ancient Aryans - supermen-demigods. Especially for their search and for the purpose of networking technologies for the creation of the ultimate weapon in the bowels of the SS was set up top-secret organization "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage").About the importance and status of said at least what it was President Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler.
The organization has about 7 thousand people, and among them were many prominent scientists - anthropologists, geneticists, physicists, archaeologists, including Nobel Prize winners. In 1938, the expedition "Ahnenerbe" under the guidance of a specialist on Eastern practices Ernst Schaeffer was sent to Tibet. It would seem that what is common between Germany and Tibet? It turns out a lot.This idea monorasovogo society, and the general principles of organization of the world.
Striking similarities and graphic symbols only in Tibet swastika rays directed in the opposite direction, forming a so-called reverse swastika. Similar items were idolatry: the ancient Aryans worshiped Elbrus, and in Tibet is considered sacred Mount Kailas. Schaeffer managed not only to establish contact with a completely closed to Europeans Kvatuhtu regent of Tibet and visit the holy monasteries, but also get a complete collection of Buddhist religious texts, as well as virtually all the information on magic rituals to go to the neighboring worlds.
Six months later, on a return visit from Lhasa to Berlin a large group of high-ranking Tibetan monks. And in 1939, to work with the "Ahnenerbe" was connected, and a sect of Tibetan Agharti practicing black magic.
By Elbrus Nazis were eager not just. The area around the sacred mountain of the Aryans - the descendants of the great Atlantis - they chose mystical ancestral Germans. According to legend, inside the mountain is one of the places of power - the gods gates leading into a parallel dimension. And it is here that Hitler hoped to using teleportation to get the information needed to create the "ultimate weapon."Owning them meant acquiring omnipotence and eternal power over the world.
In early 2009, was declassified intelligence report № 041 from 10.29.1942. At the headquarters of the Second Guards Division of the Red Army was reported landing of German aircraft in one of the mountainous regions of the Caucasus. Later it became known that the aircraft delivered in the plateau group of Tibetan monks, accompanied by experts from the "Ahnenerbe." Since then, the place, located at an altitude of 2800 meters, is called the German airfield.
It is October 29, 1942 Tibetan monks together with German specialists conducted the ritual of opening the gates to another world, to get to Shambhala, and look for it, "Hall Chronicles" - a mysterious room of sacred knowledge. Taking into account further developments in the war and the defeat of the Germans desired and have not received. Apparently, something or someone has prevented them. Unknown fate and Tibetan monks. They died? Teleportirova-lis? .. But it has since Elbrus is a place called "the grave of lamas."


The scientific community was shocked the world the message of the Nobel Prize in medicine Luc Montagnier. He said that his laboratory experts managed to teleport DNA from one tube to another. In one of the two insulated from each other and shielded from the magnetic field of the Earth vessel contains the DNA molecule, in another - pure water.
The power source installed in such a way that radiation that passes through the tube of DNA was sent to a test tube with water. And after a while it appeared the DNA molecule - the same ones that were in the first test tube. But long before these experiments were conducted in the USSR. Scientist Jiang Kanchzhen, who escaped from China, has created an installation that reads the information from the DNA of a living object and sends it to another.
The experimental results were much more impressive than Montana. In one experiment Chinese worked electromagnetic field read from the melon seeds to cucumbers. Ripe cucumbers had a taste of melon. But even more sensational were the results of other experiments: Kanchzhen irradiated eggs "duck field" - and hatched chicks on their feet were discovered membrane!
Acting bioelectromagnetic field for eggs, he got "kuroutok." In the pictures you can see that they have webbed paws that are not conventional chickens.
More recently, US scientists have found a new record for distance quantum teleportation, transferring entangled photons over a distance of 143 kilometers! The transmission of information has been organized between the Canary Islands of La Palma and Tenerife over the Atlantic Ocean.
Will is fully open secret teleportation and whether Elbrus entrance to the mysterious Shambala? It's likely we'll find out very soon.

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