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Friday, July 17, 2015

The officer waited for US retirement to tell about UFOs


American retired officer, Charles Holt, a former deputy commander of the US air base in the English county of Suffolk, said that he has evidence of UFO appearance there in December 1980.
According to him, with his own eyes, he saw a UFO in Rendlshemskom forest, which is located near the air base.Ch.Holt said that he had received indications operators of radar stations in the RAF Bentwaters and neighboring Uottisheme. There is also  seen a UFO in December 1980 . In addition, there is a written confirmation of several guards bases.
The retired 75-year officer said he did not want to share a story about a UFO before retirement. Now, he told BBC: «I have a confirmation that the operators of radar stations in Bentwaters saw an object to overcome the distance of 96 km in 2-3 seconds, thousands of kilometers per hour! He then appeared on the radar, stopped at the water tower. They followed him and saw the object flew into the forest where we were. In Uottisheme noticed an unidentified object and lost him in the woods Rendlshemskogo. Whatever it was, obviously - the object under the control of the operators, and they recorded their movement. "
The case in question, known ufologists around the world. One of the researchers believe that the word Ch.Zolta can trust.Earlier causes unusual glow called lighthouse nearby, secret military test flight of a helicopter with a copy of the cabin of the spacecraft Apollo, raffle American pilots.

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