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Saturday, July 18, 2015

This is what happens when a person does not sleep for a long time

The consequences of sleepless weeks for the human body.
Dedicated people difficult profession.

First day

What happens if a person does not sleep for a long time?  History and facts
If a man will not sleep night, no serious consequences for his health is not the cause, but a long period of waking and cause a malfunction of the circadian cycle, which is determined by the human biological clock.
Scientists believe that the biological rhythms of the body responsible about 20,000 neurons in the hypothalamus. This is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Circadian rhythms are synchronised with the 24-hour light cycle of day and night and are associated with brain activity and metabolism, so even in a dream day delay will lead to minor violations in the systems of the body.
If a man will not sleep day, he first will feel tired, and secondly, he may have problems with memory and attention. This is due to dysfunction of the cortex responsible for memory and learning ability.

The second or third day

What happens if a person does not sleep for a long time?  History and facts
If a man will not go to sleep two or three days, the fatigue and problems with memory had he added incoordination in the movements will have serious problems with concentration, and the concentration of thoughts. Due to the exhaustion of the nervous system may appear nervous tic.
Because of irregularities in the frontal lobe of the human brain begins to lose its capacity for creative thinking and focus on the task, his speech will be monotonous, cliched.
Besides the "brain" of complications, a person also will "rebel" digestive system.This is due to the fact that a long period of wakefulness activates the body's protective evolutionary mechanism "fight or flight".
In humans, leptin and intensify production will increase appetite (with a taste for salty and fatty foods), the body in response to stressful situations, execute the save fat and hormone responsible for insomnia. Man, oddly enough, in this period will be difficult to sleep, even if he wants to.

Fourth-fifth day

What happens if a person does not sleep for a long time?  History and facts
On the fourth-fifth day without sleep a person can begin to appear hallucinations, he becomes very irritable. After five days without sleep a person slow down major parts of the brain, neural activity is very weak.
Serious violations will be observed in the parietal area, is responsible for logic and math abilities, so the solution of even the simplest arithmetic problems is a daunting task for a man.
Because of irregularities in the temporal lobe responsible for the ability of speech, human speech becomes even more incoherent than three days without sleep.
Already mentioned hallucinations begin to occur due to the failure of the prefrontal cortex.

Sixth or seventh day

What happens if a person does not sleep for a long time?  History and facts
On the sixth or seventh day without sleep a person will be a little like himself at the beginning of this sleepless marathon. His behaviour is very strange hallucinations and be visual, and auditory.
In the official record for besssonitse, US student Randy Gardner (not slept 254 hours, 11 days) for six hours without sleep were syndromes typical of Alzheimer's disease, had strong hallucinations and paranoia appeared.
He took a road sign for the man and believed that the leading radio station wants to kill him.
Gardner was a strong tremor of limbs, speak coherently, he could not solve simple problems put him into a dead end - he just forgot that he had just said and what the job consisted of.
By the seventh day without sleep the body will experience severe stress of all systems of the body, the brain's neurons are inactive, the heart muscle is worn out, the immune system because of the passivity of T lymphocytes almost cease to resist viruses and bacteria, the liver will suffer huge load.
In general, these experiments are extremely dangerous to health.

What happens if a person does not sleep for a long time?  History and facts

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