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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's happening on the Moon?

In a suburban private institutions working senior scientific employee Fomenko Valentin. He developed an interesting theory, surprised even accustomed to all ufologists. It turns out that all the abnormal phenomena occurring in the world: a poltergeist, but even if wandering in the Himalayas, snow people - all these tests are satisfied with humanity inquisitive strangers. Moreover, the aliens allegedly kidnapped thousands of people, "reform" them and settled on their extraterrestrial bases. One such major bases over thousands of years on the surface of the moon.
Perceived these words as nonsense, is not it? But is it? Let's not jump to conclusions.
On the moon since Galileo was sent infinite number of telescopes and telescopes.Amateurs and professionals would sit all night to be the first to discover the new moon, yet unknown to anyone objects, and detect.
The first time it happened in 1879, when the British Astronomical Association received a message appears and disappears again on the surface of the moon lights, lines and bizarre geometric figures. For two years, astronomers have received more than two thousand such messages. Scientists have discussed them and made ​​only one conclusion ... on the moon was something strange.
The next time the interest in our companion woke astrologers in the 50 years of this century. Many observatories began to show up on the flat plains of the moon small round dome. By 1960, the map of the moon has been applied for more than 200 white spherical object.
And since 1963, astronomers began to arrive from the information that does not climbed in any theory. First of Lovelskoy Observatory reported that on the night of October 29 were seen two groups of the bright lights of the north crater City. Then the lights disappeared, but were soon found for about another crater - Aristarchus.
And finally, it's time to fly around the Moon . In the hands of researchers got hundreds of pictures of the lunar surface taken from the spacecraft.
Their detailed study enabled to make an objective assessment of what is happening on our moon. January 6, 1970 the American agency NASA has been studying the outer space, has published the data obtained during the flight of the spacecraft a series of "Apollo." There were 186 registered lunar phenomena, and found 29 places where they occurred more than four times. Very seriously the analysis of the lunar surface came a George Leonardo. According to experts, on the surface of the moon are numerous huge mechanisms. Most of them are abandoned and now destroyed, but some are still working.
Especially high activity is observed in the area of ​​the crater King. There are clearly visible in the pictures mechanisms with an "X" - shaped. Their dimensions reach up to 1.5 miles, and it seems that they are developing the slope of the crater, destroying the rocky ground and throwing it in the jet direction.
Also moving mechanisms "X" - shaped, George Leonardo found on the Mooncylinders, round and octagonal dome.
I saw a researcher at the pictures and the correct geometric objects that have been reported in the late XIX century. The Sea of ​​Crises for example, he saw two rectangular, three-storey buildings, sometimes with round spots at the base, and at the bottom of the crater Copernicus, these facilities have a triangular shape.
Do not remain aloof from foreign researchers and the Russians. Amateur astronomer E. Kirillov from Naberezhnye Chelny discovered using a telescope "Midar" man-made structures in the Sea of ​​Tranquillity. They have a parallelepiped shape and dimensions approximately 15H3 kilometers. Judging by the gleam, buildings were made of metal.
But you never know what you can see in the pictures, especially if you really want to do this! One person sees one, the other - the other. There is even a test to restore the type of picture that I saw the man in the photograph the surface of the Earth or another planet, his mental state.
Let us listen better to what they say about their flights to the moon , American astronauts. For example, the memories of Gordon with "Apollo 15" "When we went, it was flying near the mass of objects: white and sparkling. They obviously had the engine."
And what the astronauts saw when descended to the lunar surface? After landing "Apollo 11" with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Aldrin Dvina in the US Mission Control Center has received a sensational message: "I see a lot of small craters ... They have a diameter of from 6 to 15 meters ... At the distance of about half a mile from us visible marks that look like a tank left ... "And then, after some time, sounded very strange words:" There are large objects, sir! Enormous! Oh my God! They are on the other side of the crater! Are the moon and watching us ! "
So, perhaps, a scientist near Moscow right after all, and the earth is under the constant supervision of aliens, and their base is really placed on our satellite?

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