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Monday, August 3, 2015

12, Amazing and Strange things that were found in the earth

These images are truly amazing that have been found over the years on Earth, from ancient cities that redefine what we know from history, to objects that remain a mystery. Here are 12 of the most amazing archaeological finds that have been found in recent times:
1. The Upland Moa
The Upland Moa was a prehistoric flightless bird that became extinct about 3,500 years ago, so it was quite surprising to researchers when they found a claw too fine (mummified) belonging to one of these birds, in the caves of Mount Owen New Zealand

2.The Longyou Grottoes

These artificial caves, carved in sedimentary rock, are in China, and remain a mystery. It is believed to date back to before the Qin (212 BC) dynasty but there is no record of them. Nobody knows who made them.

3.The Door Of The Sun


Like Stonehenge, La Puerta del Sol is a stone structure which remains a mystery to this day. Reaching 13,000 feet, the area in Bolivia where he is may be where the first humans on Earth originated. The prints on the door is believed to hold some sort of astrological and astronomical significance.

4. L'Anse aux Meadows

This place more than 1000 years old, in Newfoundland, Canada, shows that the Viking settlers made their way to North America long before Columbus even thought it would come to India.

5. Gobekli Tepe


This site, located on a mountain ridge in Turkey, did much to improve our understanding of the development of the old ways. The impressive temple was built before the city around it, which shows how religion was highly valued by those who settled there.

6. The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript is a mystery that remains to this day, with a lot of theories as to the language in which it is written. In 2014, two different groups were presented claiming to have solved the puzzle. The only problem was that both had completely different views. One thought was an extinct Mexican dialect, while others think it is an Asian language encoded. The truth is that nobody knows what language is this.

7. Yonaguni Monument


There is still a debate about whether this huge underwater structure was made by man, or was somehow naturally. It is located on the coast of Yonaguni, Japan, and has flat edges and angles of 90 degrees and huge stones.

8. Tunnels of the Stone Age


This vast network of underground tunnels is entirely manmade, and dates back to the Stone Age.Questions remain about how they were able to build a comprehensive system of this type at the time. It is a total mystery

9. Spherical stone Costa Rica

There are hundreds of granodiorite areas throughout Costa Rica, ranging from very small (three or four centimeters) to very large (three meters). Archaeologists really have no idea what they are or who made them.

10. An unfinished obelisk

things.10 (1)
The obelisk was carved directly from the bedrock, but after cracks appeared in the granite, inexplicably abandoned building.

11. Mohenjo-Daro


This site in Sindh, Pakistan is one of the main oldest urban settlements, with signs of city planning, social organisation and a good drainage system. It is estimated that 40,000 people lived in the area in ancient times.

12. Saksaywaman


These stones and rocks are stacked in Peru, and fit so well that it is impossible to get anything between two stones. They are perfectly designed and no one can explain how on earth could make a wall as this ancient civilizations.

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