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Monday, August 10, 2015

If the world's clock is suddenly stopped

If the world suddenly stopped the clock , our civilisation would be instantly on the brink of total chaos. So what is the time and whether it is possible to manage it? Do dreams come true fiction about time travel?
It is necessary to distinguish between physiological and astronomical time .Astronomical time taken by us in the solar system for the chronology, primarily involves the rotation speed of planet Earth around the Sun - one year and the rate of rotation around its axis - one day. These concepts are for the period of human existence conventionally considered constant, although in absolute terms and as such are not changed over a long period of existence of the Earth (eg, 100 million years. 1 billion. Years) upwards compared with the present rate of rotation of the planet. This is due to cosmic processes, for example by slowing down the rotation of the Earth as its axis and relative to the sun. Parameters speed conditionally remain constant for mankind and do not change for the life of man as an individual, whatever his manipulation of the body or made ​​in the course of various experiments.
Time physiological or velocity of biological processes in an organism (metabolism, cell division, etc.)., is variable, multifactorial and hence largely random. For example, the rate of metabolism in humans is slower than that in animals and many times slower than birds and insects. This affects the functioning of the body length of the astronomical time is a man of lives longer than the majority of the animals. Physiological time may vary under the influence of external factors - temperature (cold, heat), force fields (magnetic, induction, radiation), radiation of wave and so on. This has an impact on the internal perception of time (acceleration or deceleration in comparison with the absence of a particular exposure ), and generally results in an increase or rate of aging of an organism and, accordingly, to reduction of astronomical period of life or to decrease and increase, respectively astronomical time living organism.
A perfect example of an artificial reduction of the physiological process speed in the direction of slowing us demonstrate yoga. In fact, the decrease in the rate of physiological processes leads to an increase in astronomical time staying within the body of the life cycle (increased period of life). This is not necessarily proportional to the increase in the duration of certain periods - it all depends on the start time and end time "slowing down" effects on the human (or other body). But the astronomical time is not changed.
Under no circumstances decrease in the rate of physiological processes will not lead to the fact that people fall into the "age of the dinosaurs." The body will remain in the same range of astronomical time, when it started its development.
Therefore erroneous expectation is the effect of changing astronomical time(compression or tension) due to electromagnetic effects on living organisms using a specific intensity of torsion fields. Intensive reduction (artificially) a flow rate of physiological processes in the body unprepared could lead to his death at the cellular and molecular levels.
Sensation of a rate of flow of time in humans, a long time staying in a closed space (such as in deep caves) also explains besides purely psychological factors which change the flow rate of metabolic processes in the body due to changes in external conditions. The body reacts to the new environmental conditions and accordingly adjusts the speed of the flow of metabolic processes, changing the physiological time . In speleologists in caves daily cycle increases to 36 or more hours of astronomical time, ie the effect of lengthening the time comes. So, not to be confused with the other one time and they interchanged. With these experiments, we never get even during the last day of the astronomical, not to mention the ancient era of life on Earth.
With regard to the change in life expectancy of humans, animals and plants on Earth, we can only talk about the alleged reduction of astronomical time of their lives, if the starting position to take the data of historical sources (according to the Bible, Adam lived 950 years, Noah 930, and so on. D.) . But even in this case can not be attributed the decrease in life expectancy up to date only with an increase in the accumulation of potassium in the earth's surface (there is a hypothesis). The question lies in a different plane - in the interests of genetics. In this case it is necessary to trace the transformation of the individual units and structures of DNA for a long time, from generation to generation, causing the reduction of life cycle due to changes in environmental quality.
In our galaxy, all the movements of celestial objects in space and the scope of their cooperation are subject to cause and effect relationships, independent of the velocity of rotation of the object around its axis, or concerning any center (in our understanding - the time) with the existing movement parameters of the constituent particles at the molecular level. In this sense, an astronomical time goes forward .To change the sign, and it has gone "back", you must change the sign of rotation of components of elementary particles of a body.
In other words, if after the Big Bang, the universe is expanding, then you move objects with the opposite sign should be compressed ...
The existence of our part of the universe, as we know, is described by a number of mathematical models based on the constants we observe fixing processes that occur in the field of conditional dosyaganiya X-ray telescopes. This constancy of the speed of light, the electron charge and spin, the force of gravity on Earth, speed, mass, and so on.. But change is only one of them at the molecular level, and our world will change.
Observations related to UFOs - they are instant, from the point of view of an observer on earth, changing the position in space, the transporter of live objects intime and space, change gravity in certain areas, called anomalous us - all this points to the possibility in principle to solve the problem of technical changes constants in strictly limited quantities which do not affect the overall balance of systems.

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