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Monday, August 10, 2015

Is Teleportation possible?

In the third millennium mankind has entered with a lot of unsolved mysteries. One -teleportation , i.e. spontaneous movement in space.
Modern scientists are very close to solving this phenomenon. If they can do it, then in the new century, we will be able to instantly carry goods and people at any distance.

Crazy in the subway

... At the beginning of May 1968 the hearth near Chaskomus (Argentina) lost the car in which rode the doctor Gerardo Vidal and his wife. Friends, who were traveling suddenly the car went in search, but neither Vidal nor their car, they have not found. Two days later, the doctor called Vidal from the Argentine consulate in Mexico City, located in 6,400 km from Argentina! Explaining his mysterious wife moving Vidal could not.
... 28 September 1999 in New York subway detained a young person making a request to the passengers in a foreign language. The young man was dressed very easily and shook with fear and cold. The police took him for a madman and called psychiatrists. Soon, things took a different turn: psychiatrists have recognized a healthy young man, but it turned out that he was a resident of the suburb of Rome.This young man claimed that a moment ago, came down the path toward the Tiber, I looked into the water and ... saw a roaring crowd and train people who spoke in English. Special audit showed that no crime nor at home, nor in the other countries he did not commit.
These examples are not unique!
GUNTER Tart, professor of psychology at the Munich Institute of Parapsychology "We were sucked into the abyss ..."

Three theories TELEPORTATION

- There is credible evidence that teleportation - not a fantasy writers, but a real fact. At various times it was explained in different ways.
The first teleportation theory formulated in 1899 by a scientist from the US Ambrose Bierce It is speculated that in our world there is a kind of holes and cavities. Through them breaks the light, since there is nothing to spend it. How vividly explained the scientist, "our space like a knitted sweater: it can be put on, though, if you look closely, the sweater is ... of the holes. Suppose, on the sleeve was an ant. He might accidentally fall between the hinges and get into a completely different world for him where dark and stuffy, and instead of the usual spruce needles - warm, soft skin ... "
Theory Beers resonates with the second theory of the existence of black holes, which are polyps, suck all the matter around it and absorb its gravitational "throat."If artificially create a spatial "hole", a kind of gateway to our space-time, the distance from one point to another quickly overcome - both on a certain course, where there is no time and space. By the way, the first time the existence of the Universe "bridge" connecting the various points of three-dimensional world on a shorter route to the fourth dimension, Albert Einstein spoke. He argued that the usual geometric parameters - height, width and depth - combined in a single unit is time. Time - a fourth spatial dimension.
According to the third theory, proposed in 1938 by physicist Ralph Harrison, along with ours, the earth, the world, there is one or more parallel worlds. They permeate us and occupy the same space as our three-dimensional existence. There are points of contact most of these worlds to ours. Basically it is a place where a large swirl flow of water or air. Sometimes the "abyss" opens - it depends on the meteorological conditions. For example, in Bermuda, the place of anomalous phenomena is moved depending on the Gulf Stream. Similar phenomena may occur vatmosfere. When the channels open between the worlds, beings and objects can move through them from our parallel world and go back to our. Ralph Harrison explains it this way: "... Imagine yourself a caterpillar trapped in the shoe man. Let's say you need to get to the other shoe - a journey through the leg, pelvis and the other leg will last at least one day, and it is risky for the life (easy to break ). But man casually crossed his legs so that you ... fell on the other shoe, having made an instant journey of a day! "
Head of the Commercial Bank "Astra" in the MAI and association "Kosmopoisk" VADIM Chernobrov: "Learning Mount dead ..."
- In some cases teleportation recorded regularly - this is the famous Bermuda or Devil's Sea of Japan. Such abnormal foci have in our country. For example, the Putorana Plateau in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Dead Mountain in the north of the Sverdlovsk region, Medveditskaya ridge in the Volgograd region, the peninsula on the Volga Zhiguli - there occur unexplained disappearance, and then the appearance of people, objects and animals. Scientists are studying these natural foci, and try to recreate the processes occurring in them.

Around a sticky mist!

In October 1943, under the leadership of Albert Einstein in the Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, there was one of the most amazing experiments in the history of mankind. The US Navy destroyer allocated for the experience "Eldridge". The military wanted to get the unit, which makes warships invisible to the enemy.Magnetic generators of high-frequency field is created around the destroyer monstrous tensions cocoon formed a kind of powerful electromagnetic fields. The test results exceeded all expectations ... The ship disappeared from the eyes of observers and the radar screen, but this time his appearance "as if out of thin air" was observed in the port of Newark, 100 km away from Philadelphia. After switching off the field again the destroyer was on its original site.
It is still not clear whether this experience was a success unforeseen teleportation- because the destroyer has not materialized fully in the new location. He's really gone in one port, and witnesses saw him in a different, but he moved to or was it just an image of the destroyer? The crew did not see anything at all, except for the sticky mist ... But for them the effects of the experiment were very tragic. Many soldiers have died, others went mad ... The military department immediately classify all information concerning "Eldridge". Even Einstein himself refused further experiments. But before his death known for his pacifist Albert Einstein he destroyed the work that considered dangerous to humans.
- In spring 1999, scientists of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) for the first time in the history of mankind carried the experience of quantum teleportation . The experience is repeated in the United States and Switzerland. Thus, modern scientists have shown the ability to teleport photons (the smallest particles of light).Quantum teleportation properly called telepathy, because it allows you to move a tiny media. To move, for example, a person must first "scan" the scheme of its atomic structure and then teleport it to a new place for "drawings" to restore a copy of the available human atoms. But it forecast the distant future ...
Russian scientists are not engaged in experiments, teleportation at the quantum level, we study the changes of time and space under the influence of the electromagnetic field. The first Russian model of the machine to move in time and space was created in 1988 at the Moscow Aviation Institute, the plant. Khrunichev and "Energia". It was held under the code name "Installing Lovondatr" - "Experimental electromagnetic trap for wild muskrats." Experiments are continuing.

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