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Monday, August 10, 2015

Meaning of Dreams

Where are the dreams, whether they can interpret and predict events on them?Why do we have nightmares? It turns out that all these phenomena can be explained.
During a night sleep the brain continues to work. The results of this work - our dreams. Typically, one sees dreams when in fast phase of sleep, that is, during the second half of the night, towards morning - says the professor of the course somnology SIC MMA. Sechenov, MD Gennady carpet. - In 80% of cases, people remember a dream, wake up just after this period. If a person has a dream in a phase of slow wave sleep, then remembers it only in 10-20% of cases, but more often it does not dream of a holistic and fleeting, unrelated fragments.
The brain works at all, respectively dreams see all the people. I just do not remember them all. And even if you remember a dream, as a rule, you can tell him only once after waking up. Later, he completely disappears, or you remember only fragments of dreams.

The morning is wiser than the evening?

Research related to the causes and the plot of dreams, of where they come from, not so much. Why do I get those dreams and not others, how they relate to what it was, the scientists can not say so far. But the assumption is. During a night of sleep occurs ordering information, deposited it in the long-term or short-term memory. In addition, not having to digest the information of the day, the brain, while you relax, trying to solve some psychological problems. No wonder they say: sleep on it.
For example, you experience that you have been deceived, and after sleep, it seems not so important. In the morning many of the problems are removed, because the night had a brain "think" them.
In the dream, the information is processed past the day that we receive are not only consciously but also unconsciously, without even noticing it.
It sometimes happens that a person has a dream and at the same time knows that sleeping (this is called lucid dreaming). Do not hurry to rejoice this ability.
If you are sleeping at the same time and at the same time as if you know this, then sleeping unnatural, defective, anxiety gnaws at you, you're trying to sleep, even in control of the situation.

A sign from above, or coincidence?

Sometimes dreams foretell the tragedy, often the death of relatives, loved ones who are sick, not feeling well. But as a rule, thinking about someone else illness, a person involuntarily scrolls in mind a variety of options - from full recovery to a tragic outcome. No wonder that during sleep the brain produces the same. And if the dream comes true, perhaps it is no more than an accident.
Most fortunate for those who withdraw calm, interesting dreams. They say that you are all ok - try to keep myself in this state.

Dreams should be alerted if:

  • increasing the number of dreams;
  • there are negative emotions after sleep, reduced self-esteem;
  • after sleeping there palpitations, feeling short of breath;
  • You stereotypical dreams (one and the same dream repeats);
  • traced the relationship story of dreams with stressful situations (when you are going through it again in a dream);
  • Sleep does not end there;
  • dream ends unfavourably.

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