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Monday, August 3, 2015

NASA omitted and is now confirmed that Nibiru is coming toward Earth

A recent news that caused uproar in the network. NASA has just been caught in a lie ... and things are more serious than ever!
This area was disclosed by several videos on Youtube before 2010 and caused great repercussions, so much so that many have linked this to the 2012 phenomenon speculating arrival in our solar system today, we will now analyse the article Lyn Leahz and what he found.
What was said by: Lyn Leahz
"Google Sky has just bring up an area in the space that previously had been censored by NASA in this area was hiding what appears to be Planet X, aka Nibiru, according to recent studies, allegedly drove up towards the Earth! . "
NASA is lying! They could be lying to us until about other events that people still do not know? The answer is yes!.
We are heading for a apocalyptic event coming from, "out of this world", something inconceivable to our present humanity, as we have memories about it is in our subconscious of past lives and the records of several people They say the same thing. He is the cause of so many eras in our world; as Atlantis, Lemuria and others; that humanity put on the figure of universal floods. If it was not something is very important, because NASA reproach that location in Google Sky?

Video that shows what NASA hides:
Video titled URGENT. The Big Lie NASA, are in grave danger! Time to pray more than ever!
Why Google decided to stop censoring this part of space?
For years there has been speculation by conspiracy theorists that some Google Sky astronomers would censoring Planet X or Nibiru in junction with NASA, the view the public. Now, surprisingly, a Google Sky excerpt that was previously censored is made ​​visible by Google. The following figure shows how this star was censored by Google for years.
nibiru, planet x
Planet X / Nibiru

From now is the moment it is not clear why Google is unrestricted access to the planetary system confirming the saying Zecharia Sitchin, who has written numerous publications on the planet Nibiru.
Taken into account of metaphysics by psychic revelations; where some mediums based on the information shaped his physical constitution as will the lower image, the Astro Intruder (in spiritualist terminology) with their wigs, which is nothing more than your etheric energy. And coincidentally resembles the revealed image of Google Sky In the image below, filmed now in 2015, you can clearly see the winged disc as described by Sitchin and others. It's almost supernatural, the system is currently at coordinates:. 5h 42m 0s 21 22 36 0.7 in '45 What was revealed that had previously been hidden is this photo below, if you were searching on Google Sky for this quadrant you would face with this black square placed there intentionally by NASA, since it is she who provides the information to GOOGLE. This is an image of the same coordinates before Google remove the range of censorship and now more visible and near. For what theorists suspected conspiracies and tai an actual photo of Nibiru Planet X / Nibiru approaching Earth From an article on the NASA website published a little over a year ago, March 7, 2014: "After look at hundreds of millions of objects through our skies, exploring space with the NASA Wide Field Infrared Explorer (WISE) has shown no evidence of the celestial body commonly called "Planet X" Researchers had previously theorised about the existence of this great planet, but the invisible celestial body, could supposedly be somewhere beyond the orbit of Pluto. In addition to the "Planet X", the body had earned other nicknames, including "Nemesis" and "Tyche". This new study, which involved a review of WISE data covered the entire sky in infrared light, found no Saturn-sized object or greater than exists at a distance of 10,000 astronomical units (AU), and no higher than 26,000 au Jupiter object. An astronomical unit equals 93 million miles. The Earth is a AU and Pluto about 40 AU from the sun.As we see; among so many years of mistrust of the population, NASA gives an excuse finalising the matter, which had been confirmed in 1983, we will see the passage: "In November 1983 the IRAS infrared telescope NASA discovered an amazing and huge colossal mass, that looks like a Ardenda star, a large object in the region of Orion, "said Dr. Jaysen Rand, researcher and author of" The Return of Planet X ", in his opening speech during the historic meeting, noting the open and just announced the discovery that day. However, 24 hours later, the media was completely silent on the subject and not a peep was heard even as national security protocols implemented at the highest levels of government and the media. From there, it was almost a media blackout altogether. "Rand, then made ​​mention of a US News and World Report magazine in an article in 1984 revealed a new track that NASA found. "They called a brown dwarf star," said Rand. Zecharia Sitchin Zecharia Sitchin, renowned researcher and author, said that Planet X flies through space in a highly elliptical orbit, coming to the southern land into a plain corner, so close to the sun he does return before leaving outside our solar system every 3600 years. The 12th Planet and its consequences Descriptions of Sitchin said: There is a planet yet discovered beyond Neptune, following a rare orbit will long, elliptical, stepping into our solar system completely approximately every 3600 years. This planet is called Nibiru (although Jupiter was the planet associated with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology). According to Sitchin, Nibiru (whose name has been replaced with MARDUK in original legends by the Babylonian ruler of the same name, in an attempt to co-opt own creation, leading to some confusion among readers) collided catastrophically with Tiamat (goddess in the myth of the Babylonian Enuma Elish creation), which he regards as another planet once located between Mars and Jupiter. This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, and a belt of asteroids and comets. Sitchin says that when struck by one of the moons of Nibiru, Tiamat split in two, and then a second pass Nibiru, struck the broken fragments and half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, collided again with one of the moons of Nibiru and was thrust into a new orbit and became today the planet Earth. Could this approach with increasing changes in climate, seasons, tides, volcanic activity and tectonic activity .. . and even tornadoes struck in June now? As I said in my video function earlier in this article, the stars as they approach the Earth's atmosphere can actually cause significant changes in magnetic activity. For many years, governments have learned that a celestial body approaches (also known as brown dwarf star) and its appearance cycle is 3.600 years, clearly discussed in ancient Sumerian cylinder seals and other old documents.




Collision with Earth

nibiru 2015

For many who do not know the subject, and second taking into account the popular and neo-scientific speculations leading to the letter the context "toward the earth" if Nibiru collides with the earth, not even bacteria survive ., it is four or more times the size of Earth
As defined Zecharia Sitchin in one of his works; this supposed collision occurred in a period of training solarconegido system by ancient Indian writings of Manvantara, when he and others were organizing will millennia ago and after that, took its cyclical and perfect orbit entering not only our like others, click as a perfect a watch.

 The hickey the Spiritualists

In the spiritualist literature Nibiru is known as the Astro Intruder, its existence is related to the improvement process of spirits in extra-physical field, act as a kind of galactic bus, designed to bring and bring souls that were banned these world for offshore incompatibilities and at the same leave others that are already able to return to live in their world that were expelled in the past.
So describes the Ramatis spirit:
"And just by the orbit of this planet correspond to 6,666 Earth years, in very high exhaust velocity, his career includes countless solar systems. On his way, he'll absorbing spiritual entities not only the Earth, but also from other similar planets, housing them in its ethereal energy structure 3,200 times the Earth's aura. "
As we see, there is some discrepancy between the dates informed Ramatis Zecharia Sitchin and which was based on cuneiform tablets suméricos.
The dates of Ramatis seem to be more logical, especially when fall under the Dendera calendar in Egypt. The consequences of their on their way are the very apocalypse as Ramatis afiirma:
"The earth will receive strong wind similar to the surface jet, and then start the deformation of the lithosphere.There will arise tsunamis and hurricanes on a large scale, as well as volcanic activity, through the action of exodinâmicos agents. Pockets of natural gas explode in various parts, the sea invades many areas and other emerge.
Atlantis and Lemuria reappear on the map of the planet. Explosions are heard frequently in most of the planet, the result of the crust accommodations.
The 48 hours following the passage of the intruder star will be unimaginable dynamic in terms of geographical and climatic variations. " As we explained and second states the Ramatis own, Nibiru does not come to completely destroy the planet as many believe, bad make it conducive will a new beginning. "The intruder star has not destroy the school to transform it into a school in the exclusive interests of some, but to sanitize it and make it more appropriate for repeating students, and those who come from other places to attend it. Those who completed their courses are taken to schools (planets) more advanced, while others in need of major reforms follow the intruder star. "


The Second Sun

And now Google Sky shows an area in the space that was previously censored, showing what looks like Planet X (nibiru), and the interesting thing is that some recent events may even coincide with it.
It is not for nothing that many sites have over 3 years publishing images of locations around the world where they could be viewed two suns.


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