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Monday, August 3, 2015

This great scientist predicted Smartphone in 1926 - This is what he said.

People called Nikola Tesla futuristic, but perhaps "psychic" would have been more true. The inventor died in 1943, would be fulfilling 153 on Friday, but what is strange is that, if an investigation of his writing is done, you will see a clear description of modern life.
You can read all in an interview with the magazine Collier played by the books of "twenty-one century"


This is what he said:

When the wireless connection engage properly, everyone will become a big brain, which causes all things are particles of a complete whole and rhythmic.


We may communicate with each other instantly, regardless of distance


Not only this, but to travez of television and telephony we can see and hear each other as if we were face to face, no matter we are at distances of thousands of km.


When connections and wireless transmissions become a general, these methods will become so crude as compared with the steam train electric train.

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