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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Determine the nature of the human face shape (7 photos)

In the face of not only captures the history of man, but also his character and temperament - individual traits that are so necessary to recognise in those who we meet on the way. So, what face shape can tell about a person?

1. Rhombus

Diamond-shaped face is characterised by the fact that the most prominent part of the face - it's cheekbones. Compared to the forehead and chin creates a contrast.
Holders of such a shape of the face will never go out of the set of their own framework. They are very sensitive to their problems. All that they come from, beginning to play with new colors. "Diamonds" do a good job, for which they appreciate.
Such people are very sociable and own oratory. Do not say anything superfluous."Diamonds" are well aware that the word can be very hurt. However, if you go their way, they can be cut into words.
Holders of diamond-shaped face is not recommended to wear short bangs.
Znamenitosti- "diamonds": Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Hurley, Taylor Swift and Meg Ryan.
1. Diamond face shape

2. Oval

Oval face elongated chin already zygomatic part of the face. Cheeks - The widest part of the face.
Holders of such a face shape like to achieve goals. If need be, they will do it slowly, patiently and painstakingly. Very ambitious. "Ovals" - good speakers. In addition, they are able to calm the man of my word, if necessary.
Their desire to calm the man often prevails over honesty.
Through balanced proportions, oval face is considered the ideal form. Such a person fit any hairstyle and jewellery (earrings, necklaces).
Owners oval face: Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Beyonce.
2. The oval face shape

3. Square

A square face shape is characterised by a wide forehead and a pronounced chin line.
Winners this face shape is literally overflowing with energy, they are very hardy.Due to this they are happy to take up the serious and complex projects.
"Square" has a sharp mind and analytical thinking. They are born leaders, who always remain calm and collected, even in highly stressed environments.
Women who have a face shape, suitable long hair, especially in light wave curled.
Famous holders of square-shaped face: Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie.
3. The square face shape

4. Heart

If you have a wide forehead and narrow chin, then your face is heart-shaped.
These people really have a huge heart and ready to help anyone who needs it. In addition, they - a very creative person. Holders face in a heart shape have strong intuition. Sometimes they are too pushy.
These people have incredible inner strength. Sometimes they are stubborn.
In addition, the holders of such person as "squares", very energetic and attractive to the opposite sex.
A classic example litsa- "heart" - is Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson.
4. Heart face shape

5. Triangle

The triangular face has a narrow forehead and wide chin.
Holders of such a shape of the face - the creative, artistic and yet sensitive personality. Do not go their way, they instantly break out in rage!
Thanks to its strong and persistent nature, they are successful in life.
"Triangles" like to lead people, they are leaders by nature.
Famous owner of the triangular shaped face: Jennifer Aniston, Geena Davis and Minnie Driver.
5. Triangle face shape

6. Rectangle

Face rectangular characterised in that the chin, cheeks and forehead approximately the same width.
Such people always think about their actions and their decisions rely on logic.Sometimes they overestimate things.
"Rectangles" prefer not to discuss their feelings. They love to plan everything.
These people are experiencing in itself, try not to share emotions.
Celebrities with rectangular face shape: Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore and Terry Hatcher.
6. The rectangle face shape

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