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Monday, January 11, 2016

On the technologies of the future (11 photos)

On the Technologies of the Future

Modern science and advanced technology of the future have reached a level of development that will allow us in the near future to get a supernatural physical and mental superpowers any fiction superhero.
The following eleven devices invented by scientists and innovators, just beyond the boundaries of our notions of human capabilities:

1. Flying at an altitude of 2.5 km

While technically this device may be regarded as "experimental Microlights," the company «Martin Aircraft Company» New Zealand has no doubt that now, thanks to their invention, people will be able to fly.
Soon new aircraft «Martin Jetpack» will be available for sale for 200 000 dollars.According to the calculations of developers Martin Jetpack can reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and rise to a height of 2.5 kilometers and stay in the air for half an hour.
Flying at an altitude of 2.5 km

2. Telekinesis

Two companies - Neurosky and MC10 created unit that will manage a variety of objects by thought. The device will operate on the principle of well-known EEG brain using "neural dust" - tiny chip that is implanted under the skin. Thus, we will soon be able to include, say, a coffee maker, just thinking about it while lying on the couch.

3. Predicting the future

New software called «Recorded Future» stores about 100 million events from the past, present and future. This technology uses algorithms to compile and analyze all information, as well as to predict possible future developments.
Of course, this product could not be interested marketers, investors and security services in order to be able to predict the future. The Pentagon has also launched its own project, which uses the same data in real time to study the reaction of individuals and crowds on certain situations in the future.
Predicting the future

4. Invisibility Cloak

The legendary invisibility cloak, being part of the pop culture, has now become closer to reality than we might assume. Scientists from the military and research institutions are working on a device that is able to refract light around the object that will allow him to get out of sight.
Invisibility Cloak

5. Acute hearing

The severity of hearing loss in dogs is far superior to ours. They can distinguish between the very high frequencies - up to 45 kHz, and coyotes - right up to 80 kHz.
There is good news for people who are jealous of the ability of animals. London company «Industrial Facility» is developing a new device called "super-degree beam." It is similar to ordinary glasses and has four microphones that create a three-dimensional hearing, so people will be able to hear the coyotes.

Acute hearing

6. Mind reading

Who would not want to be able to read the thoughts of, for example, your boss or lover? Such a device would be able to open up unlimited possibilities of man. At the same time, this is not always able to apply exclusively to good use.
However, this did not prevent the team of scientists from Yale University to try to read the thoughts of his subjects using a brain scan, which allows to reconstruct the images, resulting in a person's head on the basis of neural activity.
One of the study's lead author Alan Cohen noted that further development of this technology can be useful in the study of consciousness of people with autism, with racial and gender bias or being drugged.

Mind reading

7. Superhuman Strength / Speed

The company «Raytheon» presented its new development - the exoskeleton through which a person with the most mediocre physique will be able to lift up to 90 kg of weight a few hundred times, without expending much effort. This suit can be easily punch a fist pack of four trÑ‘hsantimetrovyh boards.
And that's just the beginning. The emergence of nanotechnology and materials, such as graphene arsenide and cadmium, we stand on the threshold of the "golden age" exoskeletons and inhuman abilities.

8. Breathing under water or artificial gills

For diving enthusiasts, this new product will probably be the most anticipated.Named «Like-A-Fish» («like a fish"), this system enables the gill to extract oxygen directly from seawater.
Developer artificial gills Alon Izhar-Bodner offered to reduce the pressure of sea water in a sealed chamber. This will restore the dissolved oxygen in the water in the gaseous state. Carbon dioxide is released when pressure is reduced when the cover is opened. The thus obtained oxygen enters the oxygen cylinder.
Breathing under water or artificial gills

9. Bionic vision and the vision of microscopic objects

Currently, researchers at Washington University are developing bionic contact lens that is expected to help the visually impaired, as well as give an opportunity for people with good eyesight to see that it is difficult to visually perceive.
The lenses will be equipped with a navigation system, Internet access, and even games. This development is something will remind "smart glasses» Google Glass, only bionic lens will be much more advanced.
However, science does not dwell on this: now the Tokyo-based company «JEOL» microscope designs that will allow us to increase the facilities of 50 million times their original size.
Bionic vision and the vision of microscopic objects

10. Walking on the walls

The new invention of scientists from Cornell University, which will feel like a hero sci-fi movie will be called "quick adhesion." It controls the surface tension to occur adhesion to any surface. Probably Cosplay Superman coming soon to a new level.
Walking on the walls

11. Clairvoyance

Nigel Kerner made a fantastic chip called the «Soul Catcher 2025" ("Soul Catcher 2025"), which will be implanted in the skull behind the eyes to record feelings and even thoughts of a man.
Dr Chris Winter of «British Telecom» believes that this technology in conjunction with advanced biogenetics someday allow a person to recreate physically, emotionally and spiritually, that is, in fact, will create a kind of database of all human knowledge.


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