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Monday, May 2, 2016

Agartha: A world in Earth's core?

It will be a subterranean world inside the Earth filled with supernatural beings?
Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to reside in the core of the Earth. It is related to the Earth's theory Oca and is a popular subject in esotericism.
Agartha is one of the most common names cited for the society of underground dwellers. Shamballa (also known as Shambala or Shangri-La) is sometimes said to be its capital.
The Shamballa mythical paradise is known under many different names: It has been called the Forbidden Land, the Land of White Waters, the Land of Radiant Spirits, Tierra del Fuego Vivo, the Land of Gods Life and Earth Wonderland.
Thought of as a popular concept in the last century little serious attention has been paid to these conjectures (possibly apocryphal exception with Adolf Hitler), the theory discarded by modern science.
The idea of ​​subterranean worlds may have been inspired by ancient religious beliefs in Hades, Sheol and Hell.
The explorer Ferdynand Ossendowski wrote a book in 1922 entitled Beasts, Men and Gods. In the book, Ossendowski tells of a story that was given to him about an underground realm that exists within the earth. This kingdom was known by Buddhists as Agharti.
The myth of "Agartha" is also known as "Shambhala" as it was known in India, the underworld kingdom would be populated by beginners and masters who are the spiritual leaders of mankind.
In the nineteenth century, the French occultist Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre published the first "reliable" history of Agartha in Europe.
According to him, the secret world of "Agartha" and all his wisdom and wealth "will be accessible to all mankind, when Christianity live up to the commandments as they have been drawn up by Moses and God," which means "when the anarchy that exists in our world is replaced by Synarchy ".
Saint-Yves gives a lively description of "Agartha" in this book as if it were a place that really exists, located in the Himalayas in Tibet. The version of the story of "Agartha" Saint-Yves is based on a revelation received by Saint-Yves himself.
Other mentions of Aghartha can be found in music, games video games, film, television and literature.

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