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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The predictions of Nostradamus for 2017

The predictions of Nostradamus for 2017

Quatrains of Nostradamus are no different scrupulous accuracy and uniqueness. They, in fact, can be interpreted either way; however, researchers heritage left by this prophet, they learned to classify and treat with a fairly high degree of accuracy. See the predictions of Nostradamus for 2017, correlated with the quatrains of the great prophet.

The wars in the world 

In 2017 Nostradamus predicted the armed conflict between Turkey and Iran. At first it will be a local war, the advantage of which, ultimately, would be on the side of Iran. This event is described predictor in the almanac in 1565, where he spoke of "the deadly war." He outlined its participants as holders turbans of various Colors - blue (and such are the Turks) and white (it is traditional for the Iranians). 

In the future, this war, the Turkish side may try to use to their expansion into Europe. The path of his army, in the opinion of Nostradamus, the Turks will try to lay across Africa. And that's where they get bogged down and will be forced to return. 

Among other things, in 2017 will continue fighting between Islamists and Christians. But, the truth, it is impossible to assert with certainty whether it will be conflicts that we see today, a new untied.


Geopolitical predictions of Nostradamus relate primarily to Germany and Italy. In these countries, the prophet saw a change of leadership. These events are described in the 87th and 16th Centuries II quatrains. About "German prince," he says, that his reign will end. Moreover, one can definitely say that we are talking about Angela Merkel, as the quatrain (87th), the prophet says that it is "lady." The grounds also argue that it is offset, it is the phrase in the same Nostradamus quatrain: "her time no longer worshiped." As for the Italian leadership, the 16th quatrain reads: in Italy - "in Naples, Palermo, Sicily, Syracuse" - there will be "new tyrants."

By the way, there is a possibility that these new Italian masters of the world's leaders will try to fight the combined efforts. In the same 16th quatrain Centuries II, where we are talking about an aggressive policy in Italy, there is the transfer of the capitals of states and localities, the heads of which will be ready to take on this responsibility and liability. It - Great Britain, Belgium, Iran. Moreover, the predictor OTHER them success. However, it will be made a lot of blood; Nostradamus writes about the "great hecatomb", that is, in fact, a considerable human casualties.

In international relations will increase neglect of the law. Plus a period of serious crisis will take some governments that determine world politics. Key rules and regulations, which are based on the current political system of the world, will be ignored in the open. "Magistrates convicted ... useless laws" - Nostradamus wrote in the 47th quatrain I centurion.

Natural disasters and ecology 

Some "big city" to be "disturbed the waters." Pre emergence of this deluge some ugly creatures. Translators perceive between these two factors (the appearance of a monster and a flood) direct connection, assuming that Nostradamus refers to it in the 86th quatrain V Centuries. Perhaps he thought that the ugly creature - a symbol manifested in the physical plane, the higher powers for the prevention and punishment of the people of forestalling water. The consequence of the flood, says Nostradamus, will be the loss of power and status of the leaders of the country in which it will happen ( "great" will be "somewhere in exile").

But in France, on the contrary, there will be a significant shortage of water. Perhaps the reason for this is the pollution of water bodies. Because of this, any more excitement ( "great fury"). Moreover, especially in the military. People from regions caught up in the problem area, most likely, will have to be evacuated by sending in ships' by Ron. " This picture emerges from the 71st quatrain V Centuries.

Furthermore, humanity risks being faced with the problem of the "great hunger". In the 67th quatrain I centurion prophet says that his first lesions will occur occasionally, but soon enough spread to many regions of the planet.

Nostradamus about Russia 

As many quatrains devoted to Russia in 2017, Nostradamus not. However, some researchers see indirect evidence of the involvement of our country to certain events described in the Centuries and correlate it with the next year. In particular, it is stated that of all the countries involved in these or other conflicts and processes that Russia would be the least affected.

In addition, it is Russia that will act as an arbitrator in many problems of global order. This will further strengthen its standing in the world. But the United States will continue to experience a recession and crisis. That, however, could create a precedent for us military conflict with the EU, provoked, by the way, American leadership.

Some of the prophecies of Nostradamus researchers believe that it is foretold in the 2017 trend to intensive familiarizations Siberia. Attempts to move to the region in large quantities can take residents of the regions who find themselves in the midst of war or natural disasters. In these regions, there will be many dead and injured; and the more powerful will be the desire of the survivors to leave the disadvantaged places on the planet. Experts believe that this will be the emergence of "cradle" of a new civilizations in action. After all, the geographic location of this "cradle" is attributed to Russia.

Yeah ... Whatever you may say, but reasons for optimism, according to Nostradamus, until a little humanity. However, life still goes on, and in 2017 it will also take its course. Express it, for example, that mankind may be able to make another breakthrough in the energy sector, specifically - in the use of solar energy. And yet - it manifested in medicine; Surgeons begin much better to transplant organs obtained by cloning. These predictions are also attributed to Nostradamus. And to dismiss these interpretations of his prophecies in any case should not be; from this predictor it has many quatrains, in which he had just described the scientific achievements and their use. So let's hope for the best, keeping in mind that in our life "works" is one important rule: if in something very strongly believe it will certainly be fulfilled. So, from us to you as a whole and on each of us individually to a certain extent depends on our future. And if we believe in good and do their part, it is possible to implement it, it will almost certainly be able to send events for a positive scenario for themselves.

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