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Thursday, January 12, 2017

What can happen to you if you stop eating meat (4 photos)

If you are wondering how to stop eating meat, you will be useful to fresh scientific information in this respect. In the medical literature there are already a lot of sound studies showing that a diet without meat can bring great benefit to health. The society continues to be a myth that there are meat products must, however over time, this view is changing. Scientists have proven that even our ancestors did not eat only meat.

It does not say unequivocally that it is dangerous, yet studies show that a vegetarian and vegan diet is optimal for health. There are many different power systems in modern society, so it's hard to choose just one. Anyway, there is a fact - the fat and protein from meat products are not ideal for humans. Moreover, it is proved to be completely balanced without the use of these products, nutrition and even protect against certain diseases such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes and many others. Let us carefully read the reasons because of which is to give up meat.

You will be able to protect the environment

Nowadays, the use of meat has not at all like the same thing in the past. Now, the industry is growing and killing billions of animals every year to meet the growing need for all - and this estimated demand greatly exceeds the real need. What is particularly terrible, farm animals grow in appalling conditions, beaten, bullied over them. This cruelty is enough to think about giving up meat, or at least reduce its consumption. Of course, the center of attention - human health, but the moral aspect can not be ignored. Killing animals and destroying the environment.

On farms where the animals live in crowded, there are diseases with such farms comes a lot of waste, hazardous to the environment. Against all odds, the largest environmental organizations simply ignore the facts and does not do anything to change the situation. In the United States, and ninety-nine percent of the animals are grown on these farms terrible. In the world of animals killed seventy billion annually. Did you know that this is the reason for the disappearance of tropical forests? They just cut down to make way for farm land. Hundreds of species of plants and animals disappear forever due to meat production. Moreover, the production requires a lot of water. It also threatens nature. Finally, it is the cause of world hunger - grain is not on what to feed the people, and then to grow, more and more animals.

You reduce the risk of Type II diabetes

Many people live with the threat of diabetes. Numerous studies have shown that red meat and semi-finished products, as well as animal protein in general, increase the likelihood of developing a second type of diabetes. Omnivore people are faced with diabetes are twice as likely than vegans. If you eat meat at least once a week, the risk increases by seventy-four percent.

You will receive the correct protein

The lack of protein can be dangerous for the body, but an excess amount of it too dangerous. The average person eats one and a half times more than you need, with most protein - animal origin. This is bad for health, such protein is converted to fat, resulting in excess body weight, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, cancer. Scientists have conducted numerous experiments, which showed that the ratio of plant and animal protein in the diet directly affects the development of cancerous tumors.

You'll lead a more conscious way of life

As mentioned above, billions of animals are killed each year. At the same time they have a mind and emotions. They are forced to suffer in inhumane conditions. Refusing meat, you are helping to stop this process. You will be more conscious consumer who does not follow blindly for advertising.

You stop the inflammatory processes in the body

People regularly eat convenience foods, although long known that it causes cancer. Eating meat also enhances inflammatory processes in the body that cause diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, autoimmune diseases. Vegetarian diet reduces inflammation and improves health.

You lower your blood cholesterol levels

Another serious threat to health - high cholesterol. Saturated fats are found in meat, cheese, and other animal products, greatly undermine our health. When people go on a vegetable diet, cholesterol levels in their blood decreases.

You strengthen your intestinal health

Digestive system affects the key health and overall health of the organism. Moreover, it is one of the most important factors - good health begins with a healthy bowel condition. If you have a problem with him, you will have problems with the whole body. One of the important characteristics associated with healthy digestion by microorganisms that live in the intestines. They produce important substances protect the body from cancer, affect the expression of genes that prevent the development of liver disease. This vegetable diet helps

You will live longer

It has been found that a diet with reduced calories, based on a vegetable diet, prolongs life and retards the development of age-related chronic diseases. This was confirmed in experiments using a chain of different animals, fish and microorganisms.

You change the work of their genes

Researchers have shown that the environment may determine the operation of our genes. For example, a vegetable diet minimizes the activity of genes that enhance the growth of cancerous tumors, but also extends telomere that support the healthy state of the DNA.

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