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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Vanga: predictions for 2018 (4 photos)

    Who is Vanga?

    Vanga is a legendary prophetess who has received worldwide fame. Her abilities have so far not been explained scientifically. Visitors came from all over the world to visit her, and she gave accurate predictions to everyone, which later came true. Left Vang and predictions for humanity as a whole, many of which have already come true. True, most of the prophecies have an allegorical form, so it is very often to understand what the Bulgarian prophetess spoke about, only after the predicted event happens. Many paranormal researchers attribute this to the fact that Vang did not have a systematic education: she simply could not decipher and accurately describe the images that came to her.
    She was born in the family of a poor Bulgarian peasant in 1911. The mother of the girl had unique possibilities: she could predict the future and heal people. Perhaps, the abilities were transferred to the little Wang. By the way, as a child, she loved to play blind: she tied her eyes and tried to navigate in the house and yard. Perhaps even then the girl had a presentiment of her fate.
    Blinded Vang in 12 years: a whirlwind flew into the village, which threw the girl a few meters away. Wang was found a few hours later. Her eyes were clogged with dust and sand. The parents did not have the money to treat the girl, and as a result she was blinded.

    The gift of the fortuneteller was opened in 1941. It was then that she had a vision: a warrior dressed in ancient clothes came to Vanga, and announced that soon there would be a war that would take millions of lives. Vanga herself will become the conductor between the realm of the living and the dead and will predict the future for everyone who wishes.
    Since then, Vanga began to predict the future. From all over the world, ordinary people, artists and politicians came to see her. By the way, Vanga predicted the future with the help of the usual refined sugar: before coming to the reception, it was necessary to hold several pieces of sugar under the pillow. Over the years of practice, the clairvoyant visited more than two million people who brought almost 2 tons of refined sugar!

    Prediction from the famous clairvoyant

    According to the Bulgarian predictor, in 2018 the trains will start flying on wires until the very sun. It is difficult to say what the clairvoyant had in mind: often they sound rather strange. However, it is possible that the prediction should be interpreted in a figurative sense: it is possible that new types of solar-powered engines will be invented that will greatly simplify flights to space. But it is quite possible that Vanga had in mind the invention of a fundamentally new type of public transport. By the way, in Belarus, the testing of a new transport, which uses string technologies, is in full swing now. The new technology is called SkyWay - "Heavenly Road". The rails literally hang in the sky: they are stretched between strong supports. Due to the fact that the transport is not in contact with the ground, its speed can reach 500 kilometers per hour! By the way, work "heavenly trains" will be on solar energy. It is not ruled out that the development of Belarusian scientists in 2018 will receive worldwide dissemination.
    Also, Vanga said that in 2018, no oil production will come to an end, and the planet will have an opportunity to relax. Prophecy literally sounds like this: "Oil production will cease, the Earth will rest." This prophecy can not cause anything other than surprise. How to live without the main source of energy? To be surprised it is not necessary. There are two possible scenarios: the first oil production will stop due to the fact that the price of a barrel will drop too much, and it will be expedient to use the accumulated oil that was produced earlier. At the second, an alternative source of energy will be found, and in unnecessarily time-consuming and costly exploration and production of oil and gas fields, the need will simply disappear.
    Also, the Bulgarian clairvoyant claimed that in 2018, China will become the world's leading power. He will take the leading place in the economy and will impose his will on other countries. Gradually, the situation will begin to change around the world: countries that were previously oppressed will themselves become masters of their own, having found their own "colonies".

    Predictions of Vanga for Russia

    Residents of Russia can be scared to learn that, according to Vanga, in 2018 oil production will be stopped. It is known that the economy of our country depends heavily on the price of oil. However, the Bulgarian clairvoyant argued that in 2018 the economic recovery of Russia will begin. Maybe the government will finally be able to free the economy of "oil dependence", it is possible that the new source of energy will be invented by Russian scientists. Thus, one should not be afraid: in 2018 things will start to go uphill.
    She also claimed that Russia would regain the status of a great empire. It's hard to say what Vanga thinks Russia will do in 2018, but it is certain that the greatness of our country will be primarily spiritual. The date, when such a significant event will occur, the prophetess did not name. However, it can be assumed that the processes that will lead our country to such a significant future have already begun, and in 2018 they will become even more noticeable.
    Also, Vanga argued that in 2018 relations between Russia and Ukraine could improve. She believed that the only way to find a compromise would be to realize that the peoples living in the two countries are fraternal, whatever happens. It is possible that the conflict will be eliminated not through political discussions, but through the efforts of ordinary people and "people's diplomacy".
    By the way, there are predictions concerning the Crimea. The Bulgarian clairvoyant argued that the Crimea and Russia would be united into a single whole. True, many believed that Wang spoke of tectonic shifts. However, it turned out that it was quite another thing. In addition, Vanga claimed that within a short time Crimea will be under the control of the Crimean Tatars.

    Predictions of Vanga about Syria

    Vanga's prediction concerning Syria is preserved. She claimed that Syria would be covered by a large-scale military conflict. And when Syria falls, the third world war will begin. At the moment, fighting is taking place on the territory of the country, which is causing great damage to the local population. Unfortunately, the interests of the participants in the conflict do not coincide: Russia supports Assad's power, but America is trying with all forces to remove the incumbent president, accusing him of genocide of the "moderate opposition". While the prophecy has not come true, it is possible that in 2018 the conflict will continue.
    The prophecies of Vanga for 2018 for Russia sound rather positive. Economic recovery, finding the status of a spiritual power, the ability to solve old political conflicts ... It remains only to hope that the great Bulgarian clairvoyant was not mistaken!

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