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Saturday, February 24, 2018

12 crazy conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

    Dead Child Project

    Any conspiracy theory is a wonderful fun, until it turns out to be true. Take, for example, a plot around Project Sunshine. Following the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US government launched a major study to measure the effects of nuclear sediment on the human body.
    The government stole corpses for radioactive testing. In fact, the subject of the study of scientists were parts of dead bodies. Because the researchers needed young tissues, they hired a worldwide network of agents to find recently deceased children, and then took samples of dead bodies and even limbs.
    Fragments of corpses were collected without notification or permission from more than 1500 grieving families.

    Low-quality alcohol

    It is believed that during the ban, the government specifically poisoned alcohol, so that people do not consume alcohol.
    The truth is that manufacturers of industrial alcohol mixed their product with hazardous chemicals for many years even before the ban was introduced. But between 1926 and 1933, the federal government encouraged manufacturers to use stronger poisons, hampering the process by which bootleggers turned alcohol into moonshine.
    This did not stop the bootleggers or their clients, and by the end of the ban more than 10,000 Americans were the victim of "dirty" alcoholic beverages.

    The First Lady, who ruled the United States

    It is believed that the stroke made President Woodrow Wilson unable to control the US, and his wife secretly intervened in public affairs.
    Wilson was indeed defeated at the end of his presidency, but the government felt that it was in the interest of the country to remain calm. The public did not know about the hemorrhage in the brain of the president for several months, and at this time his wife Edith Wilson performed most of his duties.
    Despite the fact that Mrs. Wilson claimed that she acted only as a "guide", historians who analyzed Wilson's term confirm that over a year Mrs. Wilson was the de facto president of the United States.

    Government Consciousness Management

    The CIA tested LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs on Americans in a top-secret experiment, the basis of which was the modification of human behavior.
    In fact, the program was known as MK-ULTRA, and it was real. The CIA began its tests with the connection of volunteers, for example, writer Ken Kesi gave his consent to the experience. But program managers soon began to experience people without their knowledge. MK-ULTRA has made many people mentally retarded forever.

    The huge salary of the Dalai Lama

    Perhaps the reason the Dalai Lama smiles in all these photos has something to do with the six-figure salary that he received from the US government in the 1960s.
    According to the declassified reconnaissance documents, he earned $ 180,000 in connection with the financing of the CIA of Tibetan resistance in the amount of 1.7 million. The idea was to suspend the rapid development of China's infrastructure.

    John Lennon was under the supervision of the US government

    The FBI was spying on the former "Beatle" John Lennon, which certainly took place. Like many counterculture heroes, Lennon appeared to be a threat to the United States. Such anti-war songs, like Give Peace a Chance, did not extol the former "Beatle" of John Lennon in the administration of Richard Nixon. This was reported by NPR in 2010.
    In 1971, the FBI began to monitor Lennon, and a year later the service of immigration and naturalization tried to deport him from the country.

    The government is spying on you

    With the development of technologies, the government uses its enormous resources to track citizens.
    In 2016, government agencies sent 49,868 requests for user data to Facebook, 27,850 for Google and 9076 for Apple. Such data was provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a large non-profit organization that protects civil liberties in the digital world and advises the public on privacy issues on the Internet.

    A fake battle or a real war?

    The incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, which occurred on August 2, 1964, is a complete fiction. He was called upon to provoke American support for the war in Vietnam.
    By the time the news reached American citizens, the facts related to the attack by the military of North Vietnam on the American naval ship Maddox were of a rather worn-out nature.
    Declassified documents since then showed that "Maddox" supported the South Vietnamese when they attacked the nearby island, and the northern Vietnamese responded accordingly.
    Such an event opened the way for direct military participation of the US military in Vietnam.

    Big Tobacco knew that cigarettes could cause cancer

    For decades, tobacco companies have argued that smoking is deadly to humans.
    In the early 1950s, studies proved an undeniable statistical link between smoking and lung cancer, but it was not until the late 1990s that Philip Morris recognized that tobacco products could cause cancer.

    In the American southwest there are evidences of the existence of aliens

    It is alleged that the collapse of an unidentified flying object occurred in the USA in the summer of 1947 in New Mexico. Since the 1970s, this incident has become a topic of controversy. He was also considered to be a conspiracy theorist, since the nature of the detected object was not established.
    According to the US official position, the object was nothing more than a weather balloon that was used in the secret operation "Mogul". Widespread popularity acquired the version that the object was a spaceship alien, which was caught and secreted by the US government.
    According to other eyewitnesses of the incident, the incident was a big operation, the purpose of which was to recreate the alien ship. Some witnesses claimed that they received threats from US government agencies.

    Canada tried to develop the device "Heydar"

    The Government of Canada was so vigilant about homosexuality that it used a special machine called "Heydar".
    In fact, this happened in the 1960s, when the government hired a university professor to develop a method for detecting homosexuality among federal employees. Scientists invented a machine that measured the dilatation of the pupil in response to same-sex erotic images.
    The Canadian government used this device to cut more than 400 people from the municipal sector, as well as from military departments.

    Illuminati and the US government

    Many believe that the secret society that rules the world is the Illuminati, and the US National Security Agency (NSA) is in collusion with him.
    Such a connection does exist. If you print Illuminati back-Itanimulli in a web browser, you will be on the NSA website.

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