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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Americans have created a generator that generates electricity from the air

The cheap and affordable energy is what humanity desperately craves. Throughout its history, our civilisation is looking for effective sources of obtaining this very energy. Everything began with slaves and animals, and today we have nuclear power plants and solar panels. But even this is not enough for people.
A cheap and highly efficient source of energy is the thing that humanity today desperately needs, more than ever before. And there is every reason to say that it will only get worse. Energy consumption is increasing, and since the time of the development of the "peaceful atom", significant achievements in the field of energy have not been done.

The discovery will find wide application.
Most recently, a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a fundamentally new generator that allows you to get energy from the air. Not wind, but air, as such. The device operates due to diurnal temperature fluctuations. It is noteworthy that thermoelectric generators have been known for a long time, but the development of US scientists allowed us to obtain energy from the essentially time-varying temperature differences. They call their device a "thermal resonator".
Prospects for development are good. Theoretically, such generators with a reduction in size could easily replace the batteries and batteries in some devices. The generator's work is based on the absorption of heat by means of a foam metal (consisting of copper and nickel), which is covered with graphene and filled with octadecane.

Very effective thing turned out.
A miniature sample of the resonator has already passed the first tests and was able to prove its effectiveness. At night temperatures of 10 degrees it was possible to obtain a power of 1.3 milliwatts. This is quite enough to provide power to a simple communication module or sensor. The importance of achieving is that the resonator can be used in the design of solar cells to increase their daily efficiency. Also, the technology will find application in mechanisms and places with its temperature cycle, for example in cars, in factories, in refrigerators.

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