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Saturday, February 24, 2018

How do conspiracy theorists prove their idea of ​​a flat Earth?

    Serious claims

    From time to time, conspiracy theorists demand that the scientific community pay attention to themselves and take offense that their "irrefutable" evidence is not taken seriously.
    How can we ignore so explicit evidence of the Earth's plane, as an attempt to measure the curvature of its surface with a level (level)?
    Below are the main evidence (and their refutation) of the theory of the Earth's plane, which are most often used by its ardent adherents.

    Sense organs

    The community of flat-earth theorists maintains that Earth plane evidence can be obtained from various aspects of science and philosophy. The simplest and most irrefutable way is to rely on the senses to understand the nature of the reality that surrounds us.

    The adherents of this theory of conspiracy rely solely on the empirical method of obtaining information, that is, they believe only in what they see with their own eyes, hear with their own ears, touch, smell, and so on.
    The empirical approach seems quite a reasonable choice, if we exclude the fact that the sense organs of a person are extremely unreliable, and the people themselves are very easily succumbed to someone else's influence. Science at the time of its formation came to the conclusion that it is impossible to use the empirical method for scientific purposes, without understanding its limitations.
    If we only believed in what we can see, hear and feel, we would have to abandon the wireless Internet, which relies on invisible radio waves. What can we say about electromagnetic fields, viruses and microbes?

    But I do not see distortion!

    Another popular argument that only proves the limitation of the human senses and the limitation of the intellect of some representatives of our species.
    Flat Earth looks like this, because we are tiny creatures on the surface of a planet whose dimensions are huge.
    However, if you want to see for yourself that the Earth is not flat, just go up the hill or to the top of the skyscraper, or even better, take a ride in a hot air balloon - and you will personally see how the horizon is expanding.

    The bases of the clouds are flat

    Sometimes it's hard to believe what ideas come to people who are trying to justify their strange ideas.
    One of the main "proofs" of the fact that the Earth is flat is the flat bases of cumulus clouds. To disprove this, one can use the favorite method of "theoreticians" - empirical.

    Yes, some clouds have really flat bases. But others do not. And this does not depend on the curvature of the Earth.
    The flat base of cumulus clouds is associated with changes in the level of pressure and temperature in the atmosphere. Water vapor can condense only below a certain temperature and can rise upwards by thousands of meters (especially on warm days). When this happens, the air expands and pressure drops occur.

    Movement of the Sun

    Science can easily prove that the Earth rotates and that other planets can not rotate around it. But, apparently, all the mathematical and even empirical evidence of the movement of planets in orbit around the Sun is not good enough for the adherents of the theory of flat Earth. They see with their own eyes how the Sun moves across the sky, until the Earth does not move under their feet, it means that our planet is not moving, but the Sun. In this case, visual illusions are not pictures in Jpeg format.

    Imagine what will happen to the devotees of an exclusively empirical method of obtaining data when they are at the train window at a time when a neighboring train on the parallel tracks starts moving in the opposite direction.

    Bedford Experiment

    In 1838, the president of the Flat Earth Society conducted an experiment in the Bedford Valley in England. He installed a flag at the end of the valley and claimed that with the help of a telescope he could see this flag at a distance of 10 kilometers, which would have been impossible, if the Earth had a spherical shape.

    It is even difficult to begin to refute this "fact"! Adherents of the theory of planar Earth refuse to believe the evidence provided by space agencies, satellite photos, astronauts 'statements, equations of physicists and mathematicians, astronomers' explanations, but they relish with pleasure only one experiment described by a long-dead Englishman who was known to be on their side.
    If these theorists so love the empirical method, then it would be worthwhile to include common sense for them in the sense organs.

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