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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Secret weapons of the United States: what can the US military conceal?

    Here, on this side of the ocean, since the time of the bipolar world, we were interested in the achievements of Americans, just as they are ours. The US government can not disclose full information about its instruments and tactics of national defense even to its citizens. Consequently, there must be at least a few cases where military weapons were developed and deployed without the knowledge of the American population.
    What kind of weapons can the US have? What do we know, even indirectly? What if the American people become the enemy of building up the military power of the American nation? What fantastic kinetic, psychological, biological, and energetic weapons can hide from public knowledge? We learned something.

    Directional energy weapon

    Ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes entered history 2000 years ago as the first person who used directed energy weapons. According to an ancient legend, during the Roman invasion of Syracuse, Archimedes quickly built a hexagonal mirror when the Roman admiral Marcellus brought his ships to the distance of the arrow's flight.
    Archimedes, apparently, managed to catch the energy of the Sun and send it to the sails of the ships, after which they blazed. Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to recreate this effect in 2005, but noted that their mirror was able to effectively set fire to only a stationary target.
    Although from the time of Archimedes, scientific knowledge has greatly advanced, the basic theoretical principles of directed energy weapons have remained the same. Such weapons deal damage from a distance, firing an intensively concentrated beam of energy into the target.
    Different types of energy weapons have fired different types of energy, but today the most popular form of directional energy weapon is the high-energy laser (HEL). It functions exactly like a laser from a fantastic film. He directs a silent beam of energy, invisible at certain frequencies, capable of incinerating the target hundreds of kilometers from the source.
    HEL are developed by contractors of the American military like Lockheed Martin for use in missile defense and space battles. Some believe that such weapons can be used for more sinister purposes.
    When in December 2017 in California, the fire "Thomas" broke out, many noted that the damage caused to private property does not fit in with the generally accepted opinion about how a forest fire should behave. Although forest fires spread through the forest foliage, whole blocks were burnt to the ground, and the surrounding trees remained untouched.
    The official explanation for this anomalous phenomenon was not and is not foreseen, however, on the web there appeared video, which captured rays of light bursting from the sky. Given that HEL is usually mounted in the bow of the aircraft, some have concluded that the conflagration was caused by tests of directed energy weapons.

    Acoustic devices of long range

    A new type of weapon for crowd control came to the fore during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014. The police of Ferguson demonstrated the possibilities of the latest equipment designed to suppress civil unrest, including LRAD sound cannons.
    Able to project voice commands for a distance of 9 kilometers, the LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) device causes severe bodily pain to any person within 100 meters of the sound path. Manufacturers of LRAD try to call their products "devices", rather than weapons, for obvious reasons. But anyone who has been exposed to LRAD, well knows that this is the most that neither is the weapon.
    It is enough to ask American diplomats stationed in Cuba, who recently began to lose their hearing. However, the exact arrangement of sound cannons is not disclosed.

    Low Frequency Microwave Mind Control

    Sound attacks on the US embassy in Cuba revived long-term concerns and on the topic of another type of secret weapon. In 1965, at the height of the Cold War, the Pentagon discovered that the USSR had irradiated the US Embassy in Moscow with extremely low-frequency microwave radiation.
    This radiation is too weak to roast anybody, but "it was established" that a "Soviet signal" could affect the health or behavior of embassy staff. Instead of stopping it, the Pentagon decided to investigate the potential consequences of the signal and try to simulate them at home.
    DARPA, then a relatively new branch of the US Department of Defense, subsequently launched an initiative called Project Pandora and began to investigate the effect of low-frequency microwave studies on primates. Although the results were unconvincing, project manager Richard Cesaro remained convinced until, in 1969, Pandora was rolled up that low-frequency microwave radiation poses a serious threat to US national security.
    The Pentagon still did not find out what the USSR was doing with the American embassy, ​​and resolved the situation by putting on the embassy a foil cap, only in a building equivalent: an aluminum screen surrounding the perimeter of the complex.
    Although DARPA closed the case in 1969, studies conducted since then have shown that low-frequency microwave and radio waves can indeed have a detrimental effect on the human body. Since then, it has been demonstrated that signals emitted and received by mobile phones have an effect on consciousness, disrupting the natural cycles of sleep.
    Today, the world is overloaded with invisible signals that keep us informed and connected. But how little do we know about this ubiquitous radiation and how it can affect our health and even our thoughts?

    A weapon that causes a heart attack

    After Watergate in the early 1970s, Democratic senator Frank Church headed a committee examining any CIA actions that might violate the Charter of this secret intelligence agency. It was believed that the CIA had accumulated too much unjustified power unilaterally, under the cover of the Cold War, and the Church Committee had been created to expose this heinous conspiracy against the American people.
    Although history shows us that the attempts of the Church Committee to curb the totalitarian zeal of the CIA were ultimately ineffective, in the course of this 1975 investigation, several interesting conclusions were drawn. One of the discoveries was the so-called Heart Attack Gun, a modified pistol capable of delivering a virtually undetectable, yet absolutely lethal, toxin of mollusks to the body of a distant target.
    Darts produced by this quiet weapon could theoretically leave an injection comparable to a mosquito bite and almost instantly dissolve in the body tissues after the delivery of a cargo so poisonous that the target will almost certainly have a heart attack after a few moments. It is not known whether this weapon was ever actually used. But, as far as we know, it can be actively used to this day.

    Magnetohydrodynamic explosive ordnance

    In the book "Earthlight" by Arthur Clark, the legendary science fiction writer of the 20th century, he talks about a futuristic weapon that uses electromagnetism to launch molten metal jets into space that pierce and destroy the attacking fleet. This type of armor-piercing weapon is not so fantastic. Since the Second World War, various arms manufacturers have supplied combatants with weapons of war, called self-propelled penetrators.
    With a chemical explosion and a metal insert, penetrators move on the armored car, and then change their shape to penetrate the target. However, traditional penetrators are inefficient and difficult to use, which generates the need for more effective weapons to break through armor.
    DARPA has developed a specialized projectile that can close this niche - Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition (MAHEM). Using electromagnetism to form and direct a stable stream of molten metal into an armored target, MAHEM is much more adapted than a conventional penetrator, and more like a fictional weapon that was described in Earthlight.
    In addition to these simple details, there is nothing more about this secret military project. However, there are rumors that the Chinese scientific and technical university in Nanjing has dismantled and created an analog of MAHEM for its purposes.
    As in many other aspects of the shadow war for world domination, which is conducted between the superpowers of the east and west, the full details associated with the development and deployment of this terrible weapon will never be available to the general public.

    Biological weapons

    From 1949 to 1969, the US military tested biological weapons on their own people without their knowledge or consent. One such experiment took place in 1950, when a US Navy ship sprayed billions of tiny microbes in the atmosphere over San Francisco, causing a massive outbreak of the disease and possibly killing one of the residents.
    Another case took place in the metro in New York in 1966, when scientists threw light bulbs filled with bacteria on the way to test how the train's movement could smash these potentially deadly pathogens. Other experiments were conducted: entire cities were drowned in a cloud of zinc sulphide of cadmium under the pretext of providing a smoke screen to cover the population in the event of a nuclear war.
    The military say that they did all this to find out how to better protect their citizens, but many are asking themselves: are the advantages of such reckless experimentation outweigh the shortcomings?
    Dangerous pathogens released into the atmosphere may be the smallest of the biological threats to which Americans have been exposed. In 2016, DNI director James Clapper expressed concern that gene editing technologies can become weapons of mass destruction if they fall into the wrong hands.
    The science of editing genes has spread throughout the modern world, apparently without even touching potentially detrimental consequences of the erosion of the genetic structure of the biosphere.
    While naturally occurring pathogens are already bad, genetic engineering made it possible to create secretly developed biological weapons that could destroy entire nations overnight. But microbes provided with superpowers, thanks to the efforts of scientists, may pose a lesser threat than other types of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) common among unsuspecting populations.
    In 2013, a group of about 300 scientists officially denied the assumption that there is a scientific consensus regarding the safety of people using GMOs. This statement led to the fact that numerous chains of restaurants and grocery stores completely removed GMOs from their shelves, and manufacturers were obliged to indicate the absence of GMOs in the product on the labels.
    Nevertheless, agro-industrial corporations continue to change the genetic code of the most important grains, corn and soybeans, using concealed scientific articles that GMOs do not pose a threat to the human body or the biosphere.
    The US government is actively financing agribusiness giants like Monsanto. If GMOs are really harmful to the human body, the endless spread of these unnatural organisms can be regarded as a continuation of inhumane experiments on citizens carried out by the government.

    Manage the subconscious mind

    It is well known that subliminal messaging is widely used in advertising. This type of marketing usually involves the basic motivations of the population, forcing people to buy a product or service. But what if the principles used in subliminal advertising are used by the CIA, for example, to spy on and control the mind.
    A declassified CIA document entitled "Operational Potential of Subconscious Perception" describes in detail the methodology for playing with the principles of subconscious perception, which convinces a person to do something that he would not normally have done.
    Although the author of the document eventually comes to the conclusion that the operational effectiveness of subconscious perception is "extremely limited", it is known that the CIA does not shy away from the methods of pressure on the wrong side of human perception.

    Flying aircraft carriers

    In the late 1920s, the US Navy began to study the tactical potential of aircraft carriers. Two Zeppelin airship, USS Akron and USS Macon were built, each designed for 60 people and capable of deploying and rebuilding Sparrowhawk fighters in flight. However, both naval aircraft carriers waited for a sad end, and their remains now rest on the ocean floor.
    Recently, however, rumors have surfaced that DARPA plans to rediscover this chapter of American history and begin developing aircraft carriers for military use. Only this time they will carry drones, not manned aircraft. The Gremlins program will include a modified C-130 air transport with invisible drones capable of secretly breaking through enemy defenses.
    Given that DARPA adores suddenly announcing plans to create projects that have already been completed, as soon as the public learns about them, it may well be that the Gremlins are already flying over the heads of people.

    Project Thor

    Project Thor is a technology designed by Jerry Purnell in the 1950s. According to the creator's plan, she had to incinerate enemies with blows from above.
    This type of penetrator based on kinetic energy (often called the "rods of God") in theory should consist of a pair of satellites. One serves for guidance, and the other is equipped with 6-meter tungsten rods that are dropped onto the target from orbit. Capable of punching hundreds of meters of the earth's crust, these Thor blows could cause damage equivalent to the damage of a nuclear explosion, but without radioactive fallout.
    Although the cost of delivering such rods into orbit is considered too high, the Project Thor initiative was seriously considered in the administration of George W. Bush. Having at the disposal of 21 trillion dollars and not reporting to the Ministry of Defense, the US government can secretly work on anything, allowing itself any expenses.


    Hugo Chavez turned international attention to the HAARP facility in Alaska when he accused the US Air Force of using this high-frequency transmitter to activate the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Until then, similar claims to this US Air Force research station, as a rule, came only from crazy in foil caps.
    The assumptions about the dark side of HAARP faded slightly when the Air Force announced that this ionospheric research facility would close its doors in 2014. But when HAARP was reopened in 2017, the gossip again spread, and this time they were distributed by the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.
    Admittedly, from the point of view of the PRA, the UAF was not the best decision to choose an artificially induced weather phenomenon as its first experiment. When the new HAARP custodians announced their plans to create a polar aurora that would be invisible to the naked eye in the sky over Alaska, many considered this to be a confirmation of the controversial studies conducted at the station concerning weather manipulation.
    Although the HAARP program has repeatedly been accused of manipulating weather and people by radio waves, none of these claims have been proven or disproved.

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