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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Shambhala: how the Bolsheviks sought this mythical country

    What is Shambhala?

    According to Buddhist teachings, once on Earth there was a country of Shambhala, ruled by a powerful wizard. Fearing the invasion of enemies and the ruin of a great state, the head of Shambhala, with the help of magic, made his patrimony invisible. According to legend, Shambhala is inhabited by tall white people with secret knowledge and magical artifacts.
    Some, who believed that the mythical country is in another, parallel dimension, believed that in order to get there, it is necessary to work hard on yourself. When a person completely takes possession of certain techniques, Shambhala herself will appear before him. So claimed and the Dalai Lama. However, most people tend to think that the coveted territory is located in Tibet.

    Occultism in the Cheka

    Few people know that in the early 1920s a special department was created in the Cheka, whose employees were engaged in the issues of occultism, magic and other supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Gleb Boky was in charge of the department, and Feliks Dzerzhinsky himself supervised the activity of the secret laboratory. Officially, the department was engaged in developing ciphers and designing all kinds of equipment for conducting reconnaissance operations. However, in addition, the staff studied the features of the human brain, telepathy and ways of influencing the masses.
    Specialist in the history of special services Valery Malevanyi argues that "they (Bokiy and other employees) wanted to find in Tibet ancient technologies, nanotechnologies that supposedly were here on Earth." Speech, of course, is about Shambhala. As for the combination of two seemingly different concepts of "occultism" and "communism," Academician Vladimir Polevanov said this very clearly: "Communist ideology is practically a religious trend. And there can not be two main religions! "According to one of the versions, it was to strengthen the positions of the new government in 1925 in search of Shambhala that the expedition headed by Yakov Blumkin was nominated.

    Expedition to Shambhala

    The official purpose of the expedition was declared as an aid to the inhabitants of Tibet in the fight against the British imperialists. Yakov Blumkin perfectly mastered several languages, thanks to which he managed to impersonate himself as a Mongolian lama and vsetjatsya in the confidence of the Tibetan elders.
    Apparently, the members of the expedition Shambala were never found. However, Blumkin did not come back empty-handed. Despite the fact that most of the documents about this hike are still classified, some historians believe that Yakov Blumkin collected many legends, legends and other information about Shambhala, and also discovered several ancient artifacts. The historian and writer Nikolai Subbotin said that Blumkin wrote a report in which he described a device called "Vajra," throwing fiery arrows.
    However, some historians believe that the expedition to Tibet was just a fiction to divert the attention of other countries from interfering in the affairs of the young republic. Be that as it may, the life of the leader of the campaign Yakov Blumkin was tragic. He was accused of espionage and shot in 1929.

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