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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The most terrible mouths of the world


    Even a shark would not engage in a fight with a domestic goose, she looked him in the mouth. Just look at these teeth - it's no surprise that everyone was so afraid of geese in childhood!


    Who could imagine that the cute penguin is the owner of such a terrible mouth? The teeth of this bird grow even in language, and the fish have no chance to get out of such a trap.

    Long-legged saber-toothed

    The length of this fish is only 15 centimeters, while it has canines half the length of the body. Nature had to seriously try, looking for a place for the fangs in the jaws of the saber-toot: the grooves in the upper jaw are so deep that they divide the brain of the fish into two parts.


    Inhabitant of the deepest zones of the World Ocean. In appearance, the sandbag is more dangerous than many sharks, but in reality the fish is almost harmless - it is blind and its dimensions rarely exceed 10-15 centimeters.

    Leatherback turtle

    The mouth of the leathery turtle would have suited any alien. Sharp razor-sharp teeth grow throughout the mouth, going deep into the throat. This is necessary in order to grind shells and shells of deep-sea mollusks ... It is not worthwhile to put a hand there either.


    In front of you is the most common lamprey. It seems as if it consists entirely of teeth! Lamprey sticks to the victim like a huge sucker and literally devours the sufferer alive.

    Fish Paku

    Fish Paku has almost human teeth. This is frightening: its jaws can easily shatter the very strong shells of sea and river inhabitants.

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