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Friday, February 23, 2018

What happens to the body if there is a lot of chocolate

    Problems with offspring

    Scientists from Harvard University conducted an interesting study and found that excessive interest in sweets leads to a decrease in the production of both testosterone and estrogen. The mechanism is simple: the more sugar enters the body, the more lipids it produces. Lipids, in turn, reduce the production of SHBG protein, which is needed just for the exact balance of testosterone and estrogen in the body.


    Chocolate, unfortunately, almost does not contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, but it contains a lot of calories. Excess weight in lovers of sweet - a common phenomenon. Moreover, the most dangerous is chocolate: even a small tile is very caloric, and it's easy to eat.

    Chemical attack

    Specialists of the University of Capinas, Brazil, last year published the results of research, according to which most of the popular varieties of chocolate on the market contain hazardous chemicals, lead and cadmium. It turns out that harmful products fall into the cocoa beans through contaminated land. Of course, the content of harmful substances in one tile will not be very high, but if you constantly consume such products, problems with the endocrine, nervous and immune system are provided to the sweet tooth.


    Excessive fascination with chocolate can even provoke the development of type II diabetes. All because a small lobule leads to an instant jump in the level of glucose in the blood - over time the body will get used to such doping and rebuild its work.

    Men's Trouble

    One of the main active ingredients in chocolate is called theobromine. In large quantities, it has a very negative effect on the prostate gland, provoking an abnormal growth of tissues. Theobromine can even cause testicular atrophy, which, as you know, will not lead to anything good.

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